Catarrhal swelling after cesarean

Arisen swelling during pregnancy canpersist even after delivery. They can be identified by the following method - to apply pressure to the skin. If there is a fossa left in the skin after pressing, this indicates that there is an excess fluid in the body that causes edema.

Causes edema of the legs after cesarean section.

Many women who have recently given birth are askedthe question of why the legs swell after cesarean section. It should be noted that this state of the body can occur for several reasons - protein deficiency, varicose veins, kidney and heart diseases, as well as endocrine diseases. The appearance of edema for pregnant women is considered the norm. Their appearance is promoted by additional body weight and hormonal background. In women who have healthy vessels, swelling passes after childbirth. But there are cases when edema does not go away, but only begin to intensify. This condition indicates a poor performance of the valves of the inner and outer veins of the legs.

Legs after caesarean section can sometimes swellbecause of thrombosis. In thrombosis, clotting of the blood vessels with a thrombus is observed, which is why a blood outflow occurs. The body of women, preparing for childbirth, thickens the blood, to reduce its losses during childbirth. But not only this factor contributes to the appearance of thrombosis. A thrombus is attached in those places where the inner wall of the vessels has damage. During childbirth, the risk of thrombosis increases severalfold.

With edema with edema of the legs after caesarean sectionthey must be kept elevated. The feet should be higher than the rest of the body. Also, the veins of the lower extremities are unloaded, which helps to reduce swelling.

Treatment of elastic jersey helpsmaintain the tone of the vessels. If the physical condition allows, then for a few minutes a day it is necessary to walk on socks. If there is no such possibility, then it is possible to limit oneself to the exercises performed in the reclining position - dilution and reduction of the feet, circular movements to the feet. Such exercises help to reduce swelling of the legs. When the swelling of the legs after cesarean section progresses, resort to medical treatment. Edema, which does not pass a long time, which is accompanied by pain and heaviness in the legs, requires consultation with a specialist without fail. Only an expert is able to prescribe for the mother effective and harmless drugs that can cope with this pathology.