Gel from swelling of the legs after fracture

Puffiness arises as a reaction to injury - inThe place of damage accumulates liquid - and this is normal, although it brings a lot of problems. With edema after an injury you can cope, just in some cases it will require medication. In the end, it can be prevented if you take the right actions.

After injury, the vessels are damaged,the integrity of tissue cells, their normal functioning, is disturbed. It's no secret that a person is 70% water and 2/3 of this total is located inside the body cells, and 1/3 between cells. When the amount of fluid between cells increases, edema develops.

Will cope with the problem itself

Methods of fighting with edema are many, before they are used, a specialist consultation is necessary. But you can prevent puffiness after an injury and reduce it yourself. This requires a cold, only to apply a piece of meat from the freezer is so simply impossible.

Before applying cold, it is necessarywrap in a towel or a rag. And keep the place of damage no more than 20 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of getting frostbite. Half an hour later, the cold can be applied again to the damage site for 20 minutes.

These options include drugs that are prescribed by the doctor at their discretion and the degree of swelling. These can be gels or ointments for topical use, tablets, injections, droppers. All of them help to eliminate edema, normalize blood circulation and remove excess fluid.

Widespread in the practice of fighting edema after injury proved to be physioprocedures. But it's better not to apply them in the first day after getting the injury.

The most common methods are:

  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • electrophoresis;
  • electrostimulation;
  • massage.

It should be understood that the use of traditional, and unconventional methods will not give results for five minutes, it will take a short time.

Massage, in turn, reduces swelling, butOnly when the fracture is completely grown. Otherwise, it will cause pain, and even more swelling. The effect is only at the stage of restorative treatment.

Despite its validity by more than one generation, the use of traditional medicine should take place after consulting a specialist. The essence of folk methods is the use of natural components that reduce edema at the site of damage, the preparation of compresses.

From blue clay, you can cook a small cake, then cover the place of damage. The procedure can be done two to three times throughout the day for 40 - 60 minutes.

Fir oil should be rubbed into the area of ​​the edema,the procedure is performed after sleep or before it. Used, in order to reduce puffiness, there may be an infusion of arnica, which is quite easy to prepare. To do this, you need two tablespoons of the plant, which are poured in one liter of boiling water, and then insisted for an hour. After this, it is necessary to strain through several layers of gauze, and the solution can be used as lotions or compresses. They should be applied for 25 minutes shortly before they go to sleep.

At home, ebonite or magnetic disks can remove swelling (it is not difficult to buy them on the market). They need to massage the injury site for several minutes, so not only will the blood flow improve, but mobility will also increase.

People's methods of fighting swelling are quite effective, and most importantly - they can be used at home

With puffiness well fights and wormwood, from whichit is possible to prepare a very effective remedy. This requires two tablespoons of herbs, which are filled with a glass of boiling water and for 10 minutes languish over low heat. After two hours, the solution is insisted and filtered. To make a compress, you need a glass of this infusion and half of the same volume of aloe juice. The composition is moistened with a napkin and applied to the place of edema, the napkin can be renewed every 4 hours.

With pain and swelling at the site of the fracture will helpcope with the infusion of calendula, which is taken in the form of a drink for 4 times a day. To make it you need a spoon of flowers of this plant, which is placed in a thermos and poured. liter of boiling water. Insist everything is necessary for an hour, you need to drink everything in a day.

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