Price malawit cream for legs from edema

Cream-gel Malavit is now widely enoughIt is used both in cosmetology and in the treatment of various diseases, skin injuries and injuries. It has a pleasant minty smell, has a very pleasant cooling effect.

In general, Malawit is not a medicine - it is a biologically active additive, which includes a number of natural products. So, in this gel there is a mummy, special purified water, ionic complexes of silver and copper, as well as a number of other substances necessary for the human body. But it should be borne in mind that dietary supplements do not heal at all, they usually just relieve some of the symptoms. Therefore, there is no point in talking about the futility of trying to treat joint pain solely with this remedy.

Instructions for use Supplements Malawit speaks aboutthe fact that it simultaneously has a positive effect on many internal organs of a person with various diseases, because the drug is produced in different forms - like cream-gel, solution, drops and even in the form of soap.

Generally considered means is notmedicine, because the very concept - "indications for use" in this case is very relative. Because here you can only focus on what the instruction on the use of the drug Malavit says, if we are dealing with a cream, a solution, or it's just a drop.
The most common form of this toolCream-gel. This form of the drug is used to treat joint diseases. skin, gynecological problems and diseases of the ENT organs. There is also an anti-cellulite gel and a cream for tired legs.

In the form of liquid, Malavit is usually used in gynecology and during pregnancy, and also as an antiseptic.

How does this drug work?

The action of this dietary supplement is based on usefulproperties of the components that make up it. First of all, this is, of course, the very component of Malavit, which, according to the manufacturer, has a number of healing actions, including analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The composition of this component includes specially magnetized water, extracts of a number of useful plants (celandine, sage, ayr, pine, eucalyptus, ledum, etc.) special ionocomplexes of silver and copper, a number of organic acids, etc. This component is the basis drug, it is his influence that explains the miraculous properties of Malavita.

In addition, this dietary supplement contains essential oilsrosemary and cedar, which have anti-inflammatory properties, a number of "living" extracts of various medicinal plants that can reduce pain in the joints and spine, extract of red pepper and camphor, which give a warming effect. There is also an extract of mummies and bees that have a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect.

In other words, the substances that make up this drug should reduce the pain syndrome, reduce inflammation and swelling, and improve the metabolism in the affected area.

Contraindications and side effects

Since this is not a medicine, there are no obvious contraindications to taking this medication, except for individual sensitivity to certain components of the gel.

Side effects appear extremely rarely, most often they are associated with an allergic reaction of the body to certain components of this remedy. At occurrence of any allergic reactions it is necessary to refuse application of the given preparation.

Reviews about the drug Malavit are ambiguous. It should be borne in mind that this is not a cure, so there is no need to wait for an unambiguous improvement in the state of its application. Practice shows that it helps quite "selectively" - some people feel a positive effect, others consider it completely useless.

The price of Malawi varies very seriouslyThe same reason is not a medicine, because it is not standardized, the price for it is not controlled in any way. So, in pharmacies it is quite possible to find cream gel for 160, and for 280 rubles, although it will be essentially the same tube.

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