Diet from leg swelling

The presence of swelling on the legs indicates the occurrence ofbody failure. Kidney disease, depletion, chronic heart failure, digestive system disorders can serve as the cause of edema. Diet for swelling of the feet helps improve metabolic processes in the body and get rid of excess fluid.

Permissible products with edema of the feet

Diet for swelling includes the following products:

The diet should be saturated with a sufficient amount of carbohydrate fruits, which have a mild diuretic effect.

To minimize the accumulation of water in the body should be excluded completely:

  • roast;
  • salt
  • conservation;
  • sausages and ham
  • nuts;
  • caviar;
  • sauces;
  • fatty cheeses;
  • Dessert;
  • Wheat flour;
  • cream;
  • alcohol;
  • all products containing artificial additives.

The first days of treatment should also be limitedliquid and the volume of protein products consumed. The norm of salt cooked per day should not exceed 1.5 grams. Liquids should be drunk from 600 to 1500 milliliters.

In order to increase the overall effectiveness of treatment and prevent the recurrence of leg edema, in addition to dieting, it is also necessary to maintain a more active and proper lifestyle.

Periodically recommended to undergo preventive medical examinations of the body.