Lotion of leg swelling

Edema under the eyes is a huge problem forevery woman with whom you need to fight in the most effective ways. Solve this problem will help folk remedies, namely - lotions for the eyes from swelling with the use of natural ingredients.

- Brew at your choice any grass in the calculation of twoteaspoons on the floor with a glass of boiling water. Very good for such purposes is suitable chamomile, oak bark, parsley, medicinal gland, mint, cornflower, sage, green or black tea;

- as soon as the tincture cools down, divide it into two parts into one of which add four cubes of ice;

-the first thing to do is wet the cotton wool discs in the warm half and apply to the area around the eyes for a minute, then drop into a cold infusion and also fit into the eyes;

- alternate lotions five to six times, completing the cold;

- Do the procedure every day before going to bed.

Gadgets with the use of frozen vegetables

- cut potatoes and cucumber with slices;

- Remove one plate from the freezer and cut it in half;

- wrap in a thin gauze napkin and immediately attach to edema;

- Hold for three to five minutes.

Parsley leaves as a compress

- Prepare sliced ​​greens in the amount of two tablespoons;

- suppress parsley with a fork until the juice is separated and put on two small pieces of gauze;

- Put the compresses on the edema and hold for eight to ten minutes.