Causes of leg edema in older men

Each age has its own characteristics andintensity of metabolism. In the elderly, metabolic processes slow down, the function of endocrine glands decreases. Because of this, the tissues become more friable, easily retarding the liquid. In its retention, the ions of sodium accumulating in the tissues participate to no small degree. In addition, the function of the heart is weakened in the elderly. All this can cause swelling.

Among those who complain of swelling, most of allwomen over the age of 45 years. Some have swelling under the eyes. Others on the legs and usually grow in the evening: a shoe that morning was just right, shakes, it gets closer. The third swollen fingers so that it is difficult to remove the ring.

However, edema can be caused not only by age-related changes, but also by diseases of the heart, kidneys. Therefore, I strongly advise you: if you have swelling, show your doctor!

If it turns out that edema arose in connection witha decrease in the functional capabilities of the body, age-related changes in organs and tissues, you can use the tips below. The appearance of edema contributes to the addiction to salty foods. Many have experienced this on their own. But you can not even salt food, and I would advise doing this. After all, the products that make up our daily menu, including bread, contain salt. For those who find it difficult to give up salty food, enough of half a teaspoon of salt per day is sufficient to add food to the table. This amount fully covers the daily need for it. All that is super is no longer beneficial to the body.

Many people say that fresh food is not tasty, but if you have swelling, you will have to get used to it.

The tendency to edema is greater in those whoabused carbohydrates, and therefore, and is overweight. It is proved that fatty tissue delays water in the body. Therefore, the addiction to cakes, buns, pies can lead not only to fullness, but also to swelling. The only possible recipe: to limit caloric intake, to move more. In the process of muscular work, especially in the fresh air, blood circulation improves, oxidation-reduction processes are activated, and tissues are released from excess fluid.

Legs can swell as a result of slowing lymph flow and venous blood. One of the ways to combat leg swelling is wearing the instep supports supporting the arch of the foot.

Seeking to rest their feet, women oftenput on slippers. The foot in them is even more flattened, and the legs swell more and more tired. And all this is a consequence of the immobility of the flattened foot. That's why working standing saleswomen, hairdressers, waitresses, machine operators should not walk in sneakers without heels. It is more convenient and useful shoes with heels in 2-3 centimeters. During a lunch break, rest is recommended 15-20 minutes to sit or lie down with raised legs. It is necessary to do this and come home; the effect will be greater if you pre wash your feet.

Heaviness in the hands, swelling of the fingers, theirstiffness is removed after several gymnastic exercises (rubbing hands, "locking", squeezing and unclenching the fingers of the hands raised up). It is good to make a bath for hands from a solution of table salt (a teaspoon to a glass of water).

With puffiness of the eyelids, the lotions from the heated solution of common salt, taken in the same proportion, help. If the eyelids are red, swollen, it's a good idea to put a cotton wool soaked in cold milk on them.

Those who have bags under the eyes, it is useful to make a compress of grated raw potatoes or circles of fresh cucumber.

If the person swells through the night and in the morning there is also a heaviness in the back of the head, then you should sleep and rest on two or three pillows, half sitting.

When swelling of the face is very effective self-massage of the face. It is best, if possible, to consult with a cosmetologist, how to do it.

EM Povaletskaya, the doctor

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