After shunting the lower limbs, the leg is swollen

Almost all the people who suffered thisserious disease, complain that they have swelling of their legs after a stroke. At the same time, puffiness becomes crimson and the affected area is cold to the touch. This happens due to impaired blood circulation.

Tips for preventing leg edema after a stroke

The appearance of edema can not be tolerated at all or reduced, following simple rules:

It is necessary to make sure that the patient's leg never hangs and is always suspended;

If the patient is sitting, it should be on the armrestput a pillow on which to lay a sore hand. And for a sore leg, use a stand that should provide the maximum horizontal position of the limb. Hold your back straight while sitting. It is desirable to put a small pillow on the stand, it will increase the area of ​​the support and reduce puffiness;

To normalize blood circulation, it is often necessary to change the position of swollen legs.

Treatment of edema of the lower extremities after a stroke

  1. Massage with ice slices. It is best to make ice from medicinal plants. Prepare the infusion of arnica, yarrow, eucalyptus or peppermint and freeze it. Before going to bed, massage your aching leg with such a piece of ice.
  2. Cold compress. For the night, soak in cold water, cottoncloth, wrap it with an affected leg, and top it with cellophane. In the morning, compress and massage your feet with movements that are directed from the top down.

You can wear not ordinary socks or tights, and special stockings are medicinal. It is also recommended after 7:00 pm to drink as little liquid as possible.