One leg swells more than the second

The cardiovascular system is normal? no varicose veins? The term is small for swelling. At me too till 20 ned. edema has already appeared - but because of varicose veins, ie. this problem was expected. Asymmetry was observed, but a small one. just one leg more swollen the other is weaker.
By the way, I do not know how to get pregnant, but in generalif on the much swollen skin - also the skin is red and hot, then it is necessary to run to the doctor - there may be a blood clot (my father did, but it cost him - he was hospitalized on time).

P.S. If today is an improvement - then everything is not too scary, do massage from feet to shins and knees, contrasting dousing of legs. Try not to sit for long - I still had something terrible to go to work, like at home with my legs at the top - legs look, almost like before pregnancy))

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