Why did my left leg

Natlos Mudrets (12455) 7 years ago

It looks like varicose veins. Try to use heparin ointment. Put the knife for the night higher. But there is no better remedy for swelling as salty compasses. 1 liter of water - a tablespoon of sea salt, moisten gauze in a solution, superimpose on the entire leg and no cellophane. The top should be wool. scarf, scarf. The compress should be on the foot for 3 hours. Super remedy is leeches.

arisha The Thinker (7428) 7 years ago

thank you very much. I use your advice.

The terrible Mr. Ay Sage (10133) 7 years ago

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bdjq Nheg Master (1944) 7 years ago

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But why do not you go to the hospital, I'm interested!

arisha The Thinker (7428) 7 years ago

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Sokolov Vitaly Guru (4238) 7 years ago

Have your legs started to swell? Swelling of the feet often develops with varicose veins. At pregnancy, swelling of the feet is also not uncommon. Swelling of pregnant women can be caused by many reasons, but often serve as a sign of pregnancy-initiated varicose veins. Therefore, many young mothers do not observe a decrease, but even an increase in edema of the legs after pregnancy.

Edema of the legs with varicose veins have one feature -they develop gradually. Therefore, phlebologists are often treated with other symptoms of varicose veins. Patients pay little attention to such a symptom as swelling of the extremities, or consider it a sign of some other disease.

At the beginning of varicose veins, the legs do not swell much, therefore, edema is hardly noticeable.

This process is directly related to the vertical position and therefore the swelling of the legs in the evening is the strongest. After rest or sleep, they disappear and appear again only in the afternoon.

Progression of varicose veins provokes and intensifies edema of the legs. They become more visible, they are accompanied by pigmentation on the skin, sores.

In varicose veins, the swelling of the legs is often asymmetrical and usually only on one leg.

Why swollen feet with varicose veins?

Bacchus, as we already know, is a violation ofoutflow of blood. As a result, in the large veins, the pressure rises, then pressure increases in the small veins. So the pressure in the capillaries becomes higher than the pressure in the intercellular space. There is a tendency to squeeze fluid from the vessels into the tissue. The cause of swelling in the face.

However, edema on the legs may indicate violations in other organs and body systems.

Thus, a pronounced edema of one or both legs, whichdoes not cease from several hours to several days - a very uncharacteristic edema for varicose veins. The cause of edema of one leg is often acute deep vein thrombosis, and two - thrombosis or acute heart failure.

The peculiarity of edema in heart failure- a strong dependence of the edema on the position of the body. So, with constant movement, the legs swell symmetrically on both legs, mainly on the legs. In bedridden patients, "cardiac edema" is formed in the lumbar region.

Edema on the legs can also serve as a symptom of acute thrombophlebitis. However, edema in thrombophlebitis necessarily accompanied by inflammation - redness, fever, pain along the vein.

Much less often, swelling can occur as a violation of the outflow of lymphatic fluid through the vessels.

Any treatment of leg edema is a treatmentthe disease that caused him. Diuretics that relieve edema of the legs are not recommended. These are medications and not always when the legs swell, they are allowed to use.

As a rule, swelling signals about the presence of any disease, and therefore, when they appear, you must always consult a doctor. Your path leads to a phlebologist and a cardiologist

A source: Cand. farm. sciences.