The left leg is swollen down

Hello Alexey Alexeyevich! I am 35 years old. A year ago the left lower limb became very swollen. There is no pain. Before this, there were edemas, but temporary and not so strong. Now it is difficult to wear shoes. She doplerografiyu. Diagnosis-failure of the valves of the deep veins of the thigh on both sides. With the right foot, everything is fine. It is not clear why only the left leg swells and what should I do next? What examination to go to find out the cause of the edema and how to treat it? Can I check my kidney or heart?

Hello. Dopplerography is a screening method. It does not allow to adequately assess the condition of the valves of deep veins. You need duplex angioscanning. In order to understand the causes of edema, you need more information about their nature, as well as about you and your lifestyle. It should be noted that renal and cardiac edema is always symmetrical, and renal, in addition, accompanied by swelling of the face and hands. Edema of the left leg may be associated with insufficiency of the valves of the deep veins. It can not be ruled out that earlier you could suffer asymptomatic deep vein thrombosis, but there is also congenital valvular failure. In addition, edema can be associated with insufficiency of lymphatic vessels, the so-called lymphostasis. It is necessary to understand. Start with angioscanning and consultation with the lymphologist. All the best.

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