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Did you notice that enough often swollen legs by evening. And for sure they asked themselves the question, why, what is the reason for this? When puffiness is not a symptom of the disease, it has other, more easily eliminated, reasons.

Let's look at a list of the main causes and a few tips that will help to avoid such an unpleasant puffiness.

Why do legs swell in the evening?

1. Pregnancy is the safest manifestation of puffiness, as often (if, of course, it excludes nephropathy) does not carry a danger. Ends with puffiness along with pregnancy - as soon as a young mother gives birth, she usually forgets about swelling.

The cause of puffiness during pregnancy there is a change in the hormonal background that causes a disturbance in the microcirculation of the blood. These disorders put pressure on the uterus.

2. Long walks and no less prolonged sitting with crossed legs cause swelling. The fact is that the load on the legs should be rational. No, of course, it's useful to walk, but in moderation. But a long sitting in one place, and with legs crossed (as we all love) has a negative effect on the legs and spine.

3. Inconvenient shoes or high-heeled shoes are the main enemies of our feet and the main causes of edema. AND swollen legs by evening. when we finally change into softslippers. The fact is that wearing shoes with high heels causes stagnation in the lymph and blood vessels, as the calf muscles are not able to contract.

You should take care of your health and change shoes in(albeit less beautiful) more comfortable shoes, unlearning to sit with crossed legs (and at the same time, and a curve back) - usually we do not notice this, spending a long time at the computer.

4. Strict diets, until fasting, deprive us of protein, which keeps the necessary supply of fluid in the blood vessels. Therefore, it begins to accumulate in the tissues of the body and is localized mainly in the lower limbs. Therefore, it is better not to exhaust yourself with hunger strikes, which bring huge harm to health, because rational nutrition will bring much more fruits.

5. Often the cause of everything is age. At all, at the age of people swelling of the legs in the evening much more often and the cause of them is one - agechanges. With age, the heart begins to work worse, blood circulation slows down. The collagen content in the subcutaneous tissue is significantly reduced, so the connective tissue accumulates fluid more easily.

6. Serious diseases of systems and organs often report on themselves edema. In this case, it is advisable to visit a doctor and conduct a series of examinations that will help to identify the presence (or absence) of diseases of the kidneys, intestines, heart and other organs. Very often swelling report a venous insufficiency. And although an experienced doctor will be able to determine the specific disease in your localization of swelling, it is better to take tests to make sure of it.

Tips for edema of the lower extremities

1. Consult a doctor and take tests

2. It is useful from time to time (ideally - every 10 minutes) to raise your legs on some surface to increase the flow of blood and lymph, which eliminates stagnant phenomena that cause swelling. As a result of a long stay in a sitting position with little or no movement legs swell by evening very often .

3. In pregnancy, use compression knitwear. But to wear tights and golfs that have a curative effect, there are no contraindications and not for pregnant women suffering from swelling.

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