The sea was swollen legs

51. Olchik | | 21.07.2011, 14:39:53 [3217218310]

Yes, I read the comments and I think that this year. sun, hyperactive. I also touched this trouble - a sunburn of the face. On the first day the sea was 10 from somewhere to 12.30. The result is an unreasonably red skin, like cancer and a spoiled rest. And all would be nothing, if not for this terrible swelling of the eyes and nose. Than to treat I do not know, except for as I drink aspirinum and suprastinum, I am smeared with yogurt, I do or make lotions on a forehead and eyes cold water each ten minutes. Today is the fourth day of this nightmare. It seems that during the day the swelling subsides, but overnight again everything forms, from the morning I can not open my eyes. I remember ten years ago my face burned many times, there was redness, but that such a terrible swelling - this never happened! It's a shame that there are a lot of "redskins" on the beach, but there is nobody with swelling! So she let go. ((((((((

52. Liuba | | 22.07.2011, 13:04:11 [3154207638]

Hello everyone, yesterday came from the sea, burned all the horror! Here I read the forum, I thought I was the only one, I'm saved by the panthenol, I got up in the morning and almost fainted, this condition all day

53. Catherine | | 22.07.2011, 16:13:32 [3549494232]

I read everything and I think that's why I'm such a freak.At all legs have swelled up, and at me the face as at buryatki so was inflated zhut.Esche and herpes all mouth zalonil.Ezdili to the hospital wanted to polohozhit, refused. Beware of panthenol, klaritin 1 tab from allergic reactions and ketanal mazhtesya oil it will do harm.

54. Liuba | | 22.07.2011, 16:42:25 [1268902513]

what kind of nonsense is this !? "Why do my legs and face swell? In my opinion, before this was not, maybe this year the sun is somehow?

55. Catherine | | 23.07.2011, 09:05:49 [2629350892]

we have an acquaintance in the MCHC works, he speaks only inthis year, so many burns, such as we have a climate and the sun changes right now very dangerously. I honestly would never have believed that you can burn like ya. In short, I'm no longer in the sun with my foot.

56. Liuba | | 23.07.2011, 10:05:33 [1391716311]

in-in!I also decided not to repeat these mistakes any more, so I had no swelling, the whole body burned with fire, it was not possible to sleep, although I had to sleep while I was asleep all day. next time I will know how much to be in the sun

57. a guest | | 07/24/2011, 12:04:59 [1345689799]

How do I understand you * (

Also on Saturday I went to sunbathe and my legs were burnt * (swollen strongly * (I use pontenol, only past the redness, I can not walk at all 5 days as already, legs are wadded as you get to your feet such a feeling as if the skin pulls together and colitis * (who was who, what help, please no longer help bearable * ((((

VeronichkaHow I understand you * (

Also on Saturday I went to sunbathe and my legs were burnt * (swollen strongly * (I use pontenol, only past the redness, I can not walk at all 5 days as already, legs are wadded as you get to your feet such a feeling as if the skin pulls together and colitis * (who was who, what help, please no longer help bearable * ((((

Hello, I have a situation one by one myselfThe nurse is 22 years old by education but before that she did not face it. She was swollen first left leg now and right too. She went to the doctor (rather crawled), that's what he prescribed me panthenol klaritin (dexamethasone sodium thiosulfate - intravenously). the sun does not go out or in the sundress on the ankle. And it's also very important - the bubbles do not burst

64. Dianochka | | 23.08.2011, 14:17:05 [658394826]

I'm at sea on the first day as a fool crept out onto the beachwith girlfriend. naturally burnt, but if the shoulders and back are nothing, even without blisters, the legs in front of the knees down were red, the pain was wild, now (already a week has passed) have become some sort of blue. Like bruises are huge. It looks awful. What to do? Help !!

65. Olga | | 01.12.2011, 00:24:51 [4117022817]

This summer I got a very strong sunnyburn, burned back, waist, legs, chest and stomach, well, what else was in the cap. I could not walk, but even lie, everything hurt terribly. To me have advised regenerating agent ointment PANTONOL-911 and she has helped or assisted me. Already almost immediately after the application, the pain became less. I could even sleep with her. The truth ended very quickly, I had to buy more packaging, but due to the fact that the burn was extensive.

take an antihistamine at least 3 days. suprastin claritin or zodac-he is more new or citrine, externally-d-panthenol cream or bepantene-if there is itching and necessarily-in-potassium-saving diuretic. 2-3 days. All will pass.

67. Luminous | | 05/26/2012, 09:17:04 [2980391046]

yesterday flew in from Turkey and noticed that my legs were swollen.

in the penultimate day of the otdyhy burned, especiallyfeet (before sunburn applied sunscreen and then oil for sunburn, but also with a protective factor). came to the room - shivered (straight shook), it hurt all terribly, immediately spattered the panthenol to his feet. later again, but it hurt too. Anointing drank and at least fell asleep. in the morning got out of bed with screams - the skin was pulled, everything burned and stabbed (like 100,000,000 needles). To walk more or less smeared cream softening. at the slightest hit of the sun on the skin, the pain was terrible (they saved light thin pants). in an airplane barely vysedela - all of the above signs were renewed. today here for two days walk from the tumor (not straight course as pillows, but I can see), especially the left leg))) (it is probably stronger zagarela))), the severity of the constant in the legs, in some places, the pain remained a little more. but at least the redness subsided - stayed chocolate tan, only that he is not very happy (I drink green tea, with the kidneys, it's OK I'll go right now for lemon and more than any of that than all treated here.)

68. Andrei | | 06/06/2012, 19:33:17 [2075750559]

Girls do not worry about this. at least I will understand you. At me a similar problem only on slosher. shaved his bald head and exposed the maketra under the sun. In 3 days there was edema on all area of ​​a skull from a forehead to a nape. Now I look like an alien from the movie "Mars Attacks." panthenol pomazyulas. what will happen next I do not know. but I think tomorrow will be worse. Whether there is at whom that what that advice or council what would get rid of an edema of such sort. except for chopping off the head. such an option was already :)

69. Catherine | | 16.06.2012, 13:16:25 [3589924816]

I also burnt three days ago on the Baltic Sea. And I was sitting in shorts and a T-shirt. I think, let their feet sunbathe. The result is that the legs burned terribly. All red, I can not walk. At first she made compresses: she wetted the rags in brandy and reeled them on her feet. It helped to relieve the burning sensation. Then I applied cabbage leaves, helped to relieve pain. But, terrible swelling began, what to do with them now, I do not know ?!

70. Nikolai | | 16.06.2012, 13:55:38 [921450915]

And we asked in the pharmacy before leaving for Egyptwhat is a good cream after the sun, so that with burns helped, the skin was well nourished. The girl gave us Vitamin EF cream with silver and tea tree oil. On the second day, I came down with a sunstroke, temperature, chills, in general a complete set. The back, stomach and legs are badly burnt. They smeared all the burned places with cream, as they told us in the pharmacy. The most surprising thing is that the redness has quickly disappeared, as if in a sunburn passed, and the skin did not become cloudy and did not even peel off! So, I recommend.

81. Alice | | 13.07.2012, 21:06:11 [4089457858]

I also have the same story! on Sunday (5 days ago) were with a friend on the beach. stayed there only 3 hours. many swam, did not overheat, normally came home. and at home it was all at first not bad. and then sharply - chills, nausea, dizziness, noise in the ears, fainting and fever. 37.3.

they called a doctor. The diagnosis was generally nothing - pancreatitis (most likely because of his nausea and put.) said to drink a lot of salty mineral water, rest, gave a sick leave. on the next day, on Tuesday, my legs also swelled. very much. real thick sausages. looked terrible! further more. they began to hurt and grow blue. if the legs are kept up, then they are yellow. and if you resemble a little, then they generally almost turn black (cyanotic-burgundy color throughout the leg).

on Thursday they were frightened and went to the surgeon. she said that this could be the stagnation of blood in the veins due to swelling - the effects of burns. prescribed treatment: suprastin (prick) 1 time at night, antibiotic ciprolet (1 time at night), trombo ass (1 time in the morning) and smear your legs with venolife. Yesterday they tried it - it helps. today the swelling is not so strong. even the contours of the legs are. and the color looks better.

The hospital extended - to sit and walk is still difficult. but the matter shifted from a mere point, which pleases.

82. Sergei | | 07/17/2012, 00:32:59 [594954487]

Yes, everyone has a story.

I am pale-faced always (I have skin like that). Went to sunbathe on the lake. Overdone. The result: with the face of fie-fie, everything is in order, but now the back is all in festering blisters, I sleep on one side. The feet began to swell, down to a partial loss of sensitivity.

Then advise anti-allergic from swelling, tomorrow I'll go to the pharmacy.

91. Andrei | | 12.06.2013, 19:37:41 [3685683234]

Hello, everyone is well sunburnt!) I have one question, can anyone come across: who had such a swollen limbs react to the situation in the space? After my sunburn, my legs swelled. It's been 3 days already, but I still can not get into them. The feet themselves do not hurt when they on the couch that I feel normal, but here it is worth me to lower them from the couch down - infernal pain. At the same time, somewhere 40% of the edema has already passed (2 days I use panthenol-spray, 1 day - diazolinum). At the same time, I can touch my feet, to swellings and I almost do not hurt (most likely the panthenol took off the pain and inflammation), but it costs me to lower my legs and incredible pain. I have a feeling that blood is to blame. It seems to me that when I lower my legs, a big blood flow goes to them, and they react to it. Who was it? Please help, and then I go to the toilet for 3 days crawl, I can not go to the doctor, I lower my legs down and such pain that I do not want to live. And again: when they are in a horizontal position, or when I pick them up, they do not hurt at all, it even seems to me that I can normally become one, but I lower them down, that's all. Help or assist advice or council, please.

92. Oksana | | 06/28/2013, 12:33:57 [3173571727]

I was just like Andrei's hellish pain inlegs, when I got up and started to walk. Well, all the accompanying charms-chills, fever, nausea, sleep painfully. Thank God, for 4-5 days the pain starts to let go and back is easier. But today the legs have flowed, not yet better.

And I wanted to sunbathe a bit, working in the garden. A lesson for life.

93. a guest | | 06/28/2013, 12:59:18 [4263406342]

Andrew, everything is correct You think, in everythingblood is guilty, if I may say so). Keep your legs up when lying down, put a pillow on. A little help with the type of "exercise": lying on your back, grab your feet on the wall and rather strong (but not sick) sliding movements of both hands, as if chasing this blood from the foot to the knee. Just wake up, until you get out of bed (even in the toilet), do rotations with your feet, bend unbend your legs in your ankle, pull the socks as far away from yourself as you can. Do about five minutes. In general, you should preferably do these injections regularly, if problems already arise. Like garbage, but really helps. Some people are still helped by contrasting foot baths, but I personally get even worse from them, but try it, maybe it will suit you.

94. a guest | | 06/28/2013, 13:07:45 [4263406342]

In general, citizens with swollen legs, it saysthat there are problems with the veins on the legs. A sunburn shandarahnul to a weak place, hence swelling. So keep an eye on your legs, do a daily injection, which I wrote and always use venous gels regularly.

95. Anna | | 04.07.2013, 15:36:42 [1281009192]

Hello, brothers and sisters in misfortune, were withspending the night in the countryside, sunbathing only half a day, the rest of the time swimming, the next day completely closed from the sun, I was sure that I had not burned, because the special did not even sunbathe. In the middle of the night I can smell that it's a shit. All skin stretched, became light beets, I immediately went to the pharmacy and bought D-panthenol ointment, completely the whole tube on a fat layer. On Monday morning, at work, I could hardly get on my feet, my legs burnt most, especially in the area where the panties end, my face and legs swelled, and the bloodsuckers bitten all of it to me, and all this shnyaga was so itchy in the burnt places, I thought I'd die. Everything was: both tingling and twitching and cramping, but I read the above comments, all the same I still carried. And can still that quickly and much has applied panthenol, on a following day has exhausted a panthenol a spray for a day the whole bottle. Today, Thursday, the swelling was asleep, here and there the skin peeled off, the redness was almost asleep, it remained on my feet, although 3 days ago, I could not even sit down on the toilet. Yesterday my face was awful, my skin was wrinkled and such pink spots were repulsive, but not sick, at home in the shower neatly all washed away and smeared with ointment "rescuer" densely (face) in the morning rose the skin like a baby, the color of smooth, burned skin came down, even the eels on the nose disappeared. Today I'll try the foot rescuer for the night, what will be the effect. They advised the diuretic to drink a little, so that the edema would finally sleep. After 2 days to go to the south, there I will be smarter and without protective ointments, even in the shade will not seem. Do not be so tormented by torment. And we are all unbearable, I want everything and at once and naive we think that if we get a monthly dose of the sun in one day, we'll be chocolates. All Health and Common Sense

96. Olga | | 07/12/2013, 12:19:18 [287678687]

I yesterday also burned, my mother and I rest inVietnam, yesterday spent a long time in the sun and received burns on her chest, crying and stomach small bubbles, at first they resembled urticaria, and now as a usual bladder from a burn, only a lot and they are small. And with legs or foots in general a trouble, I can not go, to attack painfully, if slightly through a pain to resemble, it becomes better, but then to stop and again all hurts. I make cold compresses from aloe, spray panthenol I use, fat of a python, I drink tablets from allergies, a lot of mineral water

97. Lilya | | 08/08/2013, 07:28:44 [36324262]

I moved to the States, I'm scratching my skin already. And recently with a friend went to the beach, and so have found, she was ill at night (she without a cap sunbathing). And I began to scratch even more, as if there were no needles in my back, and nails were stabbing. Decided not to sunbathe anymore, now it's dangerous to be in the sun, you can get skin cancer.

98. a guest | | 05/09/2013, 10:37:02 [3217141205]

And, in general, tin. On the river, the day was spent, as a result of the most severe sunburn of the shins and feet. I can not go on the second day, standing on my feet, immediately more wild and burning, yet along the entire length of the veins there is some tingling. I could not go to work. In general, everyone is sent to the burn department, and I can not even put on clothes, such pain. To get there only on a stretcher, to the toilet on the chair eating on wheels, with a wild pain I get up. I use belanten plus and panthenol. Also the friend of the commander of the Ministry of Emergencies, said that despite burning and puffiness, it is necessary to drink water, in large quantities with vitamin C. With sunburn, free radicals increase and a strong intoxication of the body begins. It is necessary to take antioxidants so that melanomas (cancers) do not arise. In the hospital still droppers are put. Shorter burned on Saturday, today is Monday, everything is also hard. Cream only last night could smear. For a lifetime lesson - no nature without the arsenal of sunscreen.

99. AWESOME | | 05/27/2014, 23:36:50 [2372113989]

about happiness! Finally, at least something sensible about the swelling of this, although the doctor himself and something was frightened hard, even a serous exudate of paints added! in general, thanks to all, the moral of the fable is this: luchshe 100 times to sweat. than 1 time to burn!

100. a guest | | 06/18/2014, 10:40:57 [1435225018]

Hello everyone! About 4 days ago my legs got very tanned. In general, I myself am white and most likely got burned 2 degrees. The first 2 days was a lot of pain, but everything was gone. Only the redness remained and today my legs have swelled. What should I do? help me please.

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