What diseases swollen legs and hands

Chronic diseases: Chronic tonzilit.

Hello! My name is Dmitry, I'm 25 years old. He had a cold for 3-4 days. In the beginning, there was a temperature of 37.4, weakness, a runny nose, a slight sore throat. Now there is no temperature, there is no weakness. Nasal congestion remained. I noticed that: in the morning, fingers swell, not much, but the ring, for example, hardly wears and is removed. And today began to hurt a little in the leg. And a feeling that, like, fingers and some parts of the bottom of the legs are "stuffed" with something. This is associated with a cold. And can not this be a complication? Does it say there is an inflammation, an infection? Thanks in advance!

PS There were no problems with the kidneys. There is chronic tonsillitis.

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Hello. A similar condition can really occur after a cold. Address to the therapist, hand over the general analyzes of a blood and urine. Of the medications, I would recommend continuing to dig in the nose (while the congestion is holding), an antiallergic agent (eg Loratadine 1 tablet 1 time per day), anti-inflammatory (eg Ortophen 1 table 3 times daily after meals). Take 3-4 more days. And then, if necessary, your doctor will make appointments taking into account the tests.