By the evening swelling of the legs is very much what to do

Every morning in the summer millions of women arebeautiful shoes on a graceful high heel and run to work. By the evening the picture does not look so attractive. Most of the straps of sandals, which were fit in the morning, crash into the legs. Why does this happen, and if the legs swell, what should I do? Why in the summer is this problem so urgent? Swelling of the feet in the heat is even those women who do not face this problem at other times of the year.

My legs swell: what to do with this trouble?

Most often, the swelling of the feet in the heat is associated with worseningthe process of removing fluid from the body. Lymphatic fluid accumulates in the tissues and stagnates. In the second half of the cycle, due to hormonal changes, the legs are swollen especially in women. What to do? Is it possible to walk like this? Not necessarily. Here are some tips on how to relieve swelling from your feet.

Surprisingly, you need to drink more water. It is water, not tea and not juice. Drink for a day you need at least two liters, and in the heat you can and more. Do not worry about the fact that water is washing away mineral salts from the body. This requires a much larger amount of liquid. Do not think that the burden on the kidneys will increase. On the contrary, slags and toxins will be eliminated from the body more quickly, and the kidneys work will become easier.

Salt enhances fluid retention. Wondering why swollen feet, you probably noticed that swelling is stronger if you eat salted fish or lightly salted cucumbers. Hence the simple conclusion - if swellings are strong, they complicate your life, and you do not know how to remove leg swelling, go to unsalted food. Or, at least, avoid heavily salted foods in the afternoon, and fry only a little. Add salt to it not during cooking, but already to yourself in a plate. So you will be able to minimize salt intake.

Do not prescribe yourself without medical advicediuretics. They, of course, can help in the fight against edema, but the pressure can decrease so dramatically that fainting can occur in the heat. As a mild diuretic, you can use green tea, mint or a leaf of cranberries. However, these drinks should not be taken more often than twice a day.

Well help to drain excess water, accumulated inOrganism vegetable days of release. Do not be afraid of the word "unloading". You do not have to starve. If you want to eat, eat! Just let it be raw vegetables. Necessarily without salt and better without refilling, except that you use a drop of olive oil and lemon juice for this. The more vegetables you eat, the more water you will merge. As an added bonus, a large amount of raw vegetable fiber will clean the intestines from slags.

How to relieve leg swelling: local effects

It's great if you have the opportunity to lie down after half an hour, raising your legs above the level of the heart. Unfortunately, working in the office is impossible. Then do it at least in the evening by going home.

Good relief of swelling of the contrast shower. It is best to do the procedure in the morning and evening. In this case, it is better to start with hot water, and finish the coldest.

Help to remove swelling and cool baths forfeet for 10-15 minutes. If you have a special massage bath - great! If not, then the usual basin will do. In the water, you can add a decoction of chamomile, calendula or St. John's wort. Such a bath can be done by coming home from work, before going to bed, lifting your legs. Look, literally half an hour after returning home, your legs will feel incomparably better.

However, before tackling the treatment of edemaall the same does not prevent to visit or attend the doctor to find out, why legs or foots swell. Remember that such a symptom can cause renal or cardiovascular failure.