After work swells legs or foots what to do or make

Tense everyday life and tight shoes are not the bestaffect the health of our feet. A frequent companion of fatigue is swelling of the legs. To combat this unpleasant symptom, the industry produces a large number of different medications. However, I do not always want to swallow "chemistry". In this case, you can use the people's councils.

Foot baths are one of the mosteffective remedies that help restore muscle tone to the calf muscles and strengthen the capillary system. In a large bowl you should pour about 3 liters of warm water, dissolve in it a handful of table salt and a tablespoon of soda. Lower legs for 15-20 minutes.

Excellent relieves fatigue contrast bath. For this procedure, two bowls are needed. One pours hot water (about 50 degrees), the other - cold. Alternately lower the legs into one and the other bowl, in hot water linger about 3 times longer. Finish the procedure with cold water.

After each bath in the muscles of the legs massage massage nourishing cream.

Massage has an excellent relaxing effectfeet. It should be guided from the feet to the knees, massaging with light movements of the muscle. Then rub each finger. In the end, you need to massage the entire foot with gentle movements and smooth the gentle movements to complete the massage procedure.

To reduce swelling in the legs,work day to lie down a little with raised legs. Also, experts recommend that you move more during the day. If the work forces you to be in a sitting position, you should find at least a little time to walk, stretch the swollen muscles. In addition, you should change your pose more often, do not sit, throwing your foot on your leg.

With great attention is to take the choiceshoes. It should be as comfortable as possible, do not compress your foot. Refuse better and from a high heel. Dress it should be in exceptional cases not more often 3-4 times a week.

Pay attention to your diet. If possible, exclude salt from it and limit the amount of salt products. Enter into your daily diet should be spicy herbs, green vegetables, green onions, parsley. It is also not recommended to drink plenty of water or tea just before bedtime.

For those who suffer from varicose veins,Before going outdoors in sunny weather, you should lubricate your skin with sunscreen. The sun adversely affects the condition of the veins, making them weak. As a result, the metabolism is broken and legs can swell.

These tips can be used in the event that,if there are no serious diseases that provoke the development of edema. Otherwise, you should consult a doctor for advice. Do not self-medicate. After all, the beauty and health of our feet depends on our care and attention.