My legs swell and become wet

There is swelling due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Swelling can be caused by excessive stress on the legs, heat and plenty of fluid, and have serious causes that are associated with heart, kidney and vein diseases.

Varicosity - a violation of the outflow of blood, this leads toincreasing pressure first in large, and then in small veins. Edema occurs because of the high pressure in the capillaries, which contributes to the release of fluid from the vessels into the tissues. Edema in varicose veins often are asymmetrical on both legs or are present only on one. Swelling increases after a long stay on the feet or in the evening.

The second cause of chronic edema is phlebitis,in which several or one vein is clogged by a blood clot, called a thrombus. Often with phlebitis one leg is affected by edema, less often two. This disease brings severe pain.

Side effect of drugs.
Some of the medicalpreparations. These include some drugs that lower blood pressure, contraceptives containing estrogens (female hormones), long-acting steroids for diseases such as cancer, asthma, arthritis.

Heart failure.
If swelling is chronic, this isspeaks of heart failure. Swelling, which is caused by heart problems, painless. A weakened heart muscle with heart failure does not pump all the blood, eventually it starts to accumulate in the veins, this leads to their expansion. The liquid component of blood seeps into the tissue and causes swelling. Edema in heart failure extends to both legs.

Renal pathology.
Edema in diseases of the kidneys extends toboth legs, he is not accompanied by pain. There may appear a blue under the eyes, swelling on the hands and face, sometimes there is an increase in body temperature. This occurs when the composition or quantity of proteins in the body is disturbed. If the kidneys are sick, then they excrete the protein in the urine. When the loss of protein occurs in human tissues, the replenishment is due to the fluid seeping out of the blood vessels (the protein is included in its composition). This causes swelling.

Impaired lymph flow.
Usually, lymph flow in the subcutaneous tissueand in the skin leads to stagnation of lymph. This is due to the violation of protein and water metabolism in the body. In this case, there are strong swelling. This phenomenon is called "elephant disease".

Wrong shoes.
Incorrectly selected shoes also leads tothe appearance of edema, it helps limit the contraction of calf muscles. Do not wear a narrow and tight shoes with a flat sole or on an excessively high heel.