Strongly swelling feet folk remedies

Legs swell with various diseases. edema of various genesis, gout and so on.

Edema is possible with various diseases. Their occurrence is due to the excessive content and retention of fluid and sodium in the body. It can be formed in different parts of the body. A large number of people complain of swelling of the extremities. In our time, they are not serious. We know that a person is seventy percent water. Of the total, two-thirds are in cages. The rest is in the space between them.

It is known that similar signs happen at the mostdifferent diseases. Therefore, only a doctor can diagnose a patient! Treatment naznachit-he. Any food and herbs is just an addition to the basic treatment. Of course, edema is treated and folk remedies. We'll talk about this later. But you should clearly understand and remember that this tool can help you, and someone harm!

Causes and origin of edema

The first reason is cardiac edema. In patients with a heart condition, edema provokes heart failure. In this category of people, swelling does not occur immediately, dyspnea appears.

* The second reason is unhealthy kidneys. This body has a lot of work to dofiltering blood and removing excess fluid. These swelling can be determined by occurrence on various parts of the body, including on the face and legs, most often after a morning awakening.

* Reason the third. Edema is localized in the area of ​​the ankles, shins. There are vascular mesh. The evening at the feet there is a feeling of heaviness and burning sensation. It happens that the cause of swelling of the legs is a malfunction of the valve veins.

* Swelling of lower extremities appear in people whose professions are "forced" to be on their feet all the time, those who often go for long distances.

* The fourth reason is fatigue. These swelling also appear in completely healthy people, for example, in women-hairdressers. It manifests itself in the swelling of the lower limbs as a result of a prolonged stay in an upright position.

Treatment of edema with folk remedies

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  • To get rid of edema you need: diuretics, ointments, tinctures, baths-of folk remedies. It is necessary to release the limbs from shoes and clothes. To the feet should be enough oxygen. You can immerse your feet in a basin of herbs. For example, a sequence, chamomile, mint, birch leaves will do. The broth is insisted and the right amount of water is added. Take at least five minutes. You can also use a potato pack. Raw potatoes are three on a grater and apply to the "affected places". It should be the same, not only in diseases and swelling, raise your legs in an upright position (at least ten minutes a day and at bedtime). You can do foot massage with ointments, which have an analgesic effect, increase blood circulation, cool.</ p>

    It must be remembered that the cause of edema should be determined correctly, and not the consequences.

    Gout. Swelling of the lower extremities are very different. Therefore, self-medication in any case not involved. If this swelling is related with gout. consider this option.

    This disease is characterized by sudden attacks of pain, redness and swelling of the joints. In men, the disease is more common.

    Symptoms. burned with fire feet, there is a noticeableswelling of the skin and joints. Gout is treated easily, but not very quickly. Pretty unpleasant disease. Usually, a large joint is injured on the legs.

    Causes of gout: increase urate-salts of uric acid injoints. In an organism this acid is split from such food: meat, anchovies, herring, asparagus, mushrooms. You should limit alcohol and follow a diet. The risk of gout is increased by certain diseases: hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol.

    Treatment of gout with folk remedies

  • Wash three bulbs, pour one liter of water. Boil to boil the onion well. Eat two hundred grams three times a day. The cure will come in ten days.</ p>