37 weeks of pregnancy swollen legs and hands

Swelling at 37 weeks of gestation

During pregnancy in a normal woman should add 10-12 kg. in practice this is a rather conventional indicator,since many women add up to 20 kilograms or more. Half of the added weight falls on water. The liquid accumulates in fatty tissue and connective tissue, so edema 37 week of pregnancy are quite common.

It is necessary to carefully monitor under what conditions and when there is swelling in the pregnant woman, because the process of water retention does not start suddenly. After three months of pregnancy, many women note that the skin on the abdomen, arms, legs becomes loose and loses elasticity, and by the evening often swelling of the legs, so thatI have to wear bigger shoes. A bad sign if swelling at the 37th week of pregnancy does not subside even by morning, in this case it is necessary to inform the doctor about this. At each appointment the doctor weighs the pregnant woman, with normal development of pregnancy weight increases smoothly and gradually. If the weight increases jumpwise, then this is the first signal of impending edemas.

With edema during pregnancy will help to cope broth bearberry, Brusniver. sometimes doctors prescribe Hofitol. Do not drink too much water;move more, walk in the fresh air. But here the excessive physical load, hot weather can provoke the appearance of physiological edema, with such edemas it is easy to cope if you have a little rest in the position on the left side. Physiological edema does not require treatment.

By 37 weeks of pregnancy, feelings of discomfort,a variety of pains are increasing more and more. You feel huge and awkward, sometimes even not specially clothed clothes for pregnant women, which at purchase seemed to you dimensionless.

Lifestyle, sex, nutrition at 37 weeks of pregnancy should be agreed with the doctor depending on your condition, because what is prohibited by one can be useful for others.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the mother's weight increases by at least 9.5 11 kg. Most of this weight is fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta, enlarged uterus and mammary glands:

- weight of the child 3000 3500 grams

- the weight of amniotic fluid is about 1000 1500 grams (by the time of delivery, their number decreases)

- The weight of the placenta is about 350-500 grams

- The weight of the enlarged uterus and mammary glands is 1500 grams.

The remaining weight is due to an increase in the circulating blood of the mother by about 50%, and, of course, to those fat deposits that you managed to accumulate.

It is necessary to note the fact that before the birth of a woman & lose weight. Part of the weight is lost due to changes in hormonal balance and removal of the body from the body.

Now you can feel quite seriousdiscomfort, complaints this week of pregnancy are diverse and numerous, and this is not surprising in the last weeks of pregnancy, you are now really difficult.

Fetus at 37 weeks gestation is completely readyborn and just waiting for his time. He is now the main conductor of the coming events. Once his body is fully ready for birth, the process of delivery will begin. Your body is also preparing for this event.

The child at 37 weeks of pregnancy looks likeusual newborn. His body was almost free of gun hair, and on his head a fair head of hair. The grease remained only in the folds of the skin. Nails are long, reach the edge of the fingers and even go for it, the baby can scratch himself. The navel has moved to the center of the tummy, the boys have testicles in the scrotum. In girls, large labia cover small.

The skin of the child is a beautiful light pink color. If your baby is a black race, his skin is also quite light, in any case, lighter than his parents, and his hands and feet are pink. Under the skin accumulated a fair amount of fat, this makes the baby plump. Especially a lot of fat is deposited in the face area, the child needs round cheeks to successfully cope with the task of sucking the breast.

At 37 weeks of gestation the weight of the child is often alreadymore than 3 kg, the average babies are born in the weight of 3200-3500 grams, and most already have time to type what they need by this week. At the 37th week of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus can be very different both in two different women, and in the same in different pregnancies. As a rule, at second birth the child is larger, and boys usually weigh more girls. In some cases, the child recruits 3800 4000 grams to 37 weeks of pregnancy. A large fetus can cause difficult labor and even a cesarean section.

The baby at 37 weeks gestation leads approximatelythe same way of life as the newborn. His sleep takes most of the time, and if he does not sleep, he takes care of everything that sucks everything, from his fingers and forearms to the umbilical cord. He is sensitive to everything that happens around his mother. Now his hearing, the organ of vision is fully ripe, he perfectly hears and sees, his memory makes it possible to remember my mother's voice and not only.

Music predilections are also being laid now. If the mother listens to a lot of music during pregnancy, the probability of the birth of a gifted baby is great.

Fetal movement to 37 weeks gestationbecomes even rarer. You can even sometimes experience all is good when you do not hear your child for an hour or more. Wiggling becomes less common before birth, this is due to the tightness of the uterus and the weight of the baby. This should not scare you.

Changes in the abdomen occurring before childbirth,are sufficiently known and they can be quite noticeable, especially if this is the first pregnancy. This is primarily a lowering of the abdomen. Due to the fact that the head of the child falls into the small pelvis of the mother, the bottom of the uterus becomes lower and the stomach feels smaller. If you have 37 weeks of pregnancy, your stomach has fallen, this does not mean that you will soon give birth, usually in primiparas, the abdomen falls 2 weeks before the expected delivery earlier, but with repeated childbirth, it can only occur in childbirth.

The end of pregnancy means for you, that you are again tortured by analyzes. One joy, it is possible that you are now in the hospital waiting for delivery and this means that you do not have to give everything again.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, tests are of great importance for the planning of your births.

In most maternity homes, all women who have been hospitalized in advance are subjected to an ultrasound examination. Why is it needed?

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound gives doctorsa huge amount of necessary information. Even if your baby is lying in the uterus properly, with the head down, extensor insertions are possible, which serve as a contraindication to natural childbirth. Timely identified abnormalities make it possible to successfully avoid possible complications and to conduct your births as carefully and gently as possible.

Possible complaints and problems

Pregnancy calendar 37 weeks is the time of the harbingers of labor. What it is?

Harbinger called numerous and sometimes not very pleasant symptoms, which indicate a possible imminent approach of labor.

So, 37 weeks of pregnancy, precursors of childbirth:

Many pregnant women note that they now quite often whine and stony stomach. At 37 weeks of gestation, the tone of the uterus may increase for three reasons, and you must learn to distinguish between them.

These are not precursors, such cuts do not leadto a change in the state of the cervix. In the Brexton-Higgs fights, the tone rises from the bottom of the uterus and spreads down, with no pain or even much discomfort.

These are more sensitive contractions of the uterus,which can even wake you up at night. It hurts the stomach is not constant, and the fights are not regular, quickly pass. These precursors change the very structure of the cervix, it smoothes and becomes softer.

Preliminaries are the last hours beforebeginning of labor, they are characterized by the first signs of labor. The woman is disturbed by irregular fights, normally increasing in duration and gradually increasing. With a pathological preliminar period, this time is prolonged for many hours, and for particularly unfortunates the account goes for a day. Norm this state is not and requires induction. If you have 37 weeks of pregnancy, the stomach hurts, and this is not just a sensation characterized by the word pulls. and rather sensitive fights do not sit at home waiting, when everything accelerates, it is better to consult a gynecologist.

By the 37th week of pregnancy,all women. The most frequent complaint among women that the back hurts, the loin hurts. Sometimes pulls the lower back, not just because the big tummy, unpleasant sensations can also refer to the category of precursors of childbirth.

The majority of pregnant women change their characterand the variety of symptoms can be significant. At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the discharge can speak both of pathology and be the norm. At what discharge is it worth worrying about?

If you have 37 weeks of pregnancy, whitedischarge, itchy and redness, it is quite likely that thrush. At 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is highly undesirable, as the child will necessarily get it from you during childbirth. Be sure to inform the doctor and do not experiment with self-medication, there is simply no time for it.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, yellow discharge may be a variant of the norm, but can talk about inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. If they are significant, it's worth giving a smear, is everything all right.

Bloody discharge may be normal, butmay indicate serious complications. Blood at 37 weeks of pregnancy, bright, even a couple drops, an immediate reason to call an ambulance, brown, pink discharge should also cause alertness. Mucous secretions with small streaks of blood, both pink and brown, is the norm, the cork just stops before giving birth.

The end of pregnancy is the time whenthe gastrointestinal tract seriously already protests against its oppressed state, many sick at the 37th week of pregnancy, torments heartburn. Nausea is associated only with the compression of the stomach by the uterus, and with the lowering of the tummy, many note a decrease in this discomfort. But vomiting and diarrhea at the 37th week of pregnancy can be both ordinary poisoning, and the sign of the onset of labor. If in the first case your condition can significantly deteriorate, the temperature may rise, in the second case, most expectant mothers experience several other additional symptoms, for example, tone and pains in the lower abdomen of cramping. It is clear that there is not activated charcoal to drink, but to go to the hospital.

Preserved by the 37th week of pregnancy, the pelvicPrevalence is likely to cause Caesarean section. Not all maternity hospitals allow natural births in the pelvic presentation, and whether it is worth insisting on them, the cesarean section is chosen for a reason, the risk for the child is too high.

The last ultrasound can not very pleasethe results, the revealed polyhydramnios, the lack of water in half the cases also become one of the indications to the caesarean section. Placental presentation, fetal hypoxia almost always means surgery.

Now we must pay special attention to ourarterial pressure. In 37 weeks of pregnancy, the pressure may increase because of late toxicosis, if you have a headache, swelling, notice that your hands are swelling, tell your doctor about it.

SARS is not needed now and is dangerous. The temperature and runny nose at 37 weeks of pregnancy, a cold, can cause you to be separated from the baby after childbirth. If with a mild ORVI joint stay is allowed, your serious condition will definitely cause separation from the child, and it will be very difficult to give birth, try not to catch a cold now.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, birth is the norm, if theyyou will start great, just your time has come. It is important not to miss the onset of labor, to distinguish them from harbingers. Real fights increase in duration and strength, increase in time.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, twins are born most often.

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