Swollen legs at work what to do

When you stand bad and when you sit bad. But two exercises improve blood circulation in the vessels of the legs and relieves heaviness in the legs. You can not remove swelling, but you can strengthen the vessels. The effect is felt immediately.

1 Better lying down, doing "scissors" with your legs. Slightly bent elongated legs do the exercise "scissors", cross them alternately, first right upper, then left top.

2 Sitting or standing on your toes - go down on the whole foot.

You stand on your heels - go down on the whole foot.

Get a cream or gel "Venitan", which also strengthens the vessels and for one month of application, a positive and visible effect is achieved.

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The point is in the appointment of the legs. It's a walk. And all the systems in the legs are designed for long walking, and the veins too.

In the case of walking and movement, the muscles of the legs protrude intothe role of the pump, press on the veins, and help them pump blood, up to the heart. Because of the laws of hydrodynamics due to the difference in levels and capillaries, the heart is the most difficult to do. The veins are much weaker than arteries, these are simply thin-walled tubes with valves that do not give blood flow in the opposite direction. The blood easily accumulates in them, pressing against the walls and expanding them.

As in the case of long sitting, blood accumulates in the legs, because they swell, in the future it can cause varicose veins, which is a nasty thing.

From time to time you need to get up andwalk, do a few sit-ups, and when sitting, strain-relax the muscles of the legs, transfer weight from the fingers to the heel and back. So you will help your veins, and swelling will pass.

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I had severe swelling after a fracture of the lower leg. Swollen so much that the shoes in the evening became small.

Cope as follows. I have a system blog under my desk, slightly moved it and my legs lay on it. That is, horizontally.

Still, I advise paste phytolysin - naturalinexpensive, over-the-counter. Very good edema removes. Although the main indication is cystitis. The smell, of course, will be difficult to sustain, very vigorous. And the sensation, as though aromatic oils has drunk.

Try to get up more often among the working day. Yes, at least periodically stop feet and raise. So there will be less stagnation.

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