Strongly swollen legs and hands that do

With edema of the feet, unfortunately, it encountersalmost every person, and it does not matter at all whether there is excess weight, kidney or heart disease. The reasons for swelling of the legs can be many. We will try to understand them and decide - if the legs are swollen, what should we do?

Causes of leg edema

1. Shoes with high heels. Wearing once again model shoes, ladies risk getting edema, as pressure on the feet and ankles intensifies. Also, avoid too narrow, pressing shoes.

2. Moves and flights. Long to be in a sitting position can not. Even with the best circulation of the swollen legs can not be avoided. Because at each stop you need to walk, do a little workout. If possible, you need to stretch your legs, give them an overstated position. Try also to use less fluid on the road. Such a small restriction will get rid of discomfort in the legs and make the rest more pleasant.

3. Long standing in the standing position. This is also harmful, because of the load, the legs are swollen. What to do? Try to change the way of life. You also need to wear special compression underwear.

4. The intake of hormonal and other drugs. You should consult a doctor who will replace the medicine with another, more suitable.

Swelling of the feet can also appear as a result ofany diseases. For example, heart failure. Then swelling occurs often, without a reason. Accompanied by other symptoms - bruises and circles under the eyes, shortness of breath, etc. Varicose veins may also be the cause. As a rule, swelling appears in the lower part of the foot. Fight with varicose expansion should be with vitamins to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, compression linen and special creams and ointments. Edema of the knee may occur due to arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases. Local edema will help to remove swelling: sabelnik, chondroxide, chondroitin. Regular use of these drugs will eliminate pain in the knees and swelling.

Sometimes there is also swelling of one leg. This means that the cause is in the legs themselves, not in the disease. Perhaps the cause is some kind of injury. If there is a tumor and pain, it is better to consult a doctor to prevent fractures and cracks.

So, you have swollen feet. What to do?

First, do not use a largeamount of liquids. Try to remove from the diet too salty foods. In some cases, the use of diuretics is necessary. It is better to apply to natural (herbs and broths). For example, tea helps to remove swelling from leaves of bearberry. It is good to remove excess liquid from the body of fruits and vegetables. Try to stick to a vegetarian diet for a couple of days, and swelling will go away. Do not forget, perhaps, there is a serious illness, so the legs swell. What to do in this case? Call the doctor, take the necessary tests, undergo a test. Even varicose veins and it is better not to treat yourself, so as not to worsen the situation. And if it is a joint disease, then a strong inflammation and swelling sometimes have to be removed with the help of special injections.