From a long sitting the legs swell

Pantyhose is special for varicose veins, they squeeze caviar, they can be tried.

Heels are not recommended to wear at all, if there is a tendency to varicose veins. And to sleep necessarily with raised legs - let it put a pillow or a folded blanket under MATRAS.

It is much easier to prevent varicose than to try to treat it.

At the expense of tights. Was just a week ago at the surgeon about his varicose veins (I have very strong veins stick out all over my leg and asterisks do not count). They did a check for the patency of veins, they said that everything looks much worse than it really is. I asked for the tights. They said that with my veins on a daily sock is NOT MORE than 40DEN. (I thought to me now as 160-180 will offer) And we are women, we all try to take more density, and the effect turns out to be the opposite: the pressure is strong (we do not notice), the blood flow decreases and the legs swell more tightly! More dense tights for only a short socks. For those who have a standing job in no case tights with a pull-up effect (slim) For prophylaxis it is necessary to drink "Troxevasin" (he, by the way, has capsules), but if the work is constantly standing (hairdresser), then drink during the period exacerbations (severe pain in the legs and swelling) "Detraleks" (he, however, dear, and the course-2 weeks), his surgeons themselves drink when they have many hours of surgery to come. Heels further exacerbate the situation! I understand that beauty requires sacrifices, but then everything turns out that you are already beginning to buy shoes that do not like what you like, but only where it does not put pressure, that would not hurt. Itself all the time only on his heels went, and now only a flat sole, it was all believed that "nothing will happen to me" At least consumption of venotonics and proper shoes made their business-disease not progress.

Detraleks is a wonderful medicine, after three days it already has an effect. And plus gel Diclofenac.

I'm horrified that my legs were, although the work is sedentary. I climbed only in shoes of the 40th size - this is at the foot of the 36th. The legs just turned into swollen puppies turned into evening.

Only these two drugs and saved.