Legs become tired and swollen legs

If your legs get tired and sweaty Female legs! The subject of men's admiration. According to the results of research, the first glance the man throws on the buttocks of the lady, then - on his feet, and only then begins to evaluate the upper part of the female figure. And we, understanding the man's predilections, try to clothe our shoes in the most fitting pantyhose, selflessly choose shoes and fiercely fight with cellulite. And with what enthusiasm we did not try to prove to others that we are doing all this for ourselves, even if we sincerely believe in it, subconsciously we still try to please men.

We squeeze our legs into narrow slippers onlybecause they are another squeak of fashion, and put them on an amazingly high heel, because it's beautiful. And there is nothing left for our feet any more, how to obey our mistresses and silently carry our cross, that is, our beautiful body. Kilometer per kilometer, kilogram per kilogram.

Legs are the most patient part of the body, and they are longare silent. Then, they start to get slightly tired, then panting, but if we do not pay attention to it, our legs ache, no longer embarrassed, frankly demanding from us cares.

Let's not wait until your feetrevenge us for your indifference with ugly varicosity, and take care of them today. We'll think about what our ladies want, and we'll try to ease their burden. Let's give our feet rest and comfort, because it's in our power.

Here are a few rules to prevent swelling and pain in the legs.

1. Carefully select shoes. It should not be cramped, especially if your legs are prone to fatness. Try to keep the heel not more than six centimeters. A high heel builds a leg, but destroys it.

Pay special attention to the shoes you wearin winter. After all, it often happens that, from the frost, we get into a warm room and we stay there for quite some time. For example, in the store we can remove the hat, unbutton the fur coat, but we can not change shoes. And my feet begin to sweat. Therefore, try to choose a winter footwear from natural materials. An indispensable condition: winter shoes should be comfortable! After all, in our climate, ice is not uncommon, but we are always in a hurry somewhere! The sole of winter boots or boots should be anti-slip, and the heel - stable.

2. If you are forced to stay in high-heeled shoes for a long time, let your feet rest at every opportunity, try to undetect yourself unnoticed and do the following leg exercises:

a) put the foot on the toe, and put it on the heel;
b) circle in a circular motion clockwise and counterclockwise;
c) squeeze the foot as if to "fist" and straighten;
d) roll on the floor a small rubber ball.

Do these simple exercises at least several times a day.

3. Try to sit as low as possible in a low armchair. The height of the chair should match your height. Well, if the seat is wide enough to fit the full length of the hips. With sedentary work, try to strain and relax the muscles of the thighs and buttocks from time to time. Periodically get up and take at least a few steps in place.

4. Home slippers should not be alone, at least - three pairs of different models. Do not wear one slippers for more than three days in a row. In the morning, after going to bed, go barefoot.

5. Do not allow blood to stagnate in the legs. Daily 15 minutes lie on a flat surface, lifting your legs above the level of the heart. You can lie on the floor, resting your feet on the wall, or you can lie on the couch (if it's hard enough), placing a roller, a pillow or a folded blanket under your feet.

6. Be sure to wash your feet at night with cool water and soap. This is not only hygiene, water washes off negative energy, fatigue and gives the legs vivacity. Wear every day only clean socks or pantyhose. Periodically change the insoles in shoes.

7. Massage the tired legs first from the toes to the knee, and then from the knee to the thigh. Massing movements should be directed from the bottom up.

8. Avoid overheating of the legs. Hot baths fill with blood and dilate blood vessels, which brings the varicose veins closer.

9. Do not sit "leg on leg" and do not twist your legs. This prevents free blood flow, provokes fatigue and pain in the legs.

10. Remember that smoking tobacco does not only age your skin, it also harms your legs. Smoking sometimes causes such a disease as "intermittent claudication".

11. Try to eat right. Above all, excessive consumption of sugar, salt, fatty meat products is reflected on the feet. Do not allow obesity, the more your weight, the more the load on your feet.

12. And of course, walking on fresh air in comfortable soft shoes on low heels brings our feet, and the whole body is undoubtedly useful.

Take care of your legs, and they, in response to your care will try not to whine. And men to your very old years will see you with admiring glances, dreamily sighing: "What legs!".

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