38 weeks of pregnancy swollen feet

Sometimes the swelling of the nose and lips manifests itself from the first weeksof pregnancy as the earliest symptom, although much more often such a nasal puffiness occurs already on the last weeksof pregnancy .

On 39weekof pregnancy the load on the spine becomes maximum, and it is quite clear that the back is very sore, legs and the lower back. Vienna on legs puffed up, and legsswell constantly.

What will you do in the near future. If you have swell hands and legs. adjust or limit the amount of fluid intake. Edema on 39weekof pregnancy must be removed.

Usually, first swelllegs. then can be added edema hands, abdomen, face.

Edema. especially if they appeared before 20 weeksof pregnancy. may be a manifestation of a disease that existed secretly.

How the baby grows, the size and weight of the baby by 26 weekof pregnancy At 26 weekof pregnancy your child grew to 32, cm and gained weight to 800-900 gr .. By the way, from experience I will say that.

It happens that there has never been edema, and here swell fingers at of pregnancy and, especially, on the latter weeks. although s, edema the pregnant women at 38 week .

strong swelllegs at of pregnancy ; in the mornings you wake up with "swollen " over the centuries

The hawk writes that after 32 weekof pregnancy became very strong swell. gaining weight. The doctor was frightened and put in pathology.

Swelllegs at of pregnancy - why? Puffinesslegs at of pregnancy in most cases, is associated with increased.

If we take into account the amount of water that normally accumulates at of pregnancy. then there is nothing surprising that puffiness ankles and lower legs

With their shortage, water will escape from the vessels into the tissues, causing edema. In practice, we, the obstetricians, often see many children.

Have a future mother in later terms of pregnancyswelllegs and hands, but there are times when edema spreads throughout the body and the woman begins to gain weight quickly, this phenomenon is called "dropsy".

Appearance of edema in legs is a sign of the onset of a late toxicosis. Kidneys do not have time to "pump" all the water and you swell. Or drink a lot of fluids or. It is better to go to the doctor.