Why the legs are swollen

Kind time of the day, dear EugeneAnatolevich! I want to ask you a question as a specialist. The fact is that in the morning, after getting up from the bed, my legs immediately begin to swell. Gradually they are inflated like balls. Naturally, as a result - because of this very bad walking feet. In addition, I must say that I also have osteoarthritis of the knee joints of the 4th degree. Are these phenomena connected? What do you advise me to do? Are these swelling treated. I hope for a good answer.

In order to understand the cause of edema,It is necessary to seem to the expert phlebologist and to perform color duplex scanning of veins. Then it will be clear what is the cause of edema. After all, leg swelling can be associated with a lot of reasons! Undoubtedly, your edema is associated with arthrosis of the joints, however, in my opinion, most likely only partially.

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