Swollen feet ache in the knees

When swollen knees, this is a serious reason to think about your own health.

If you look at the joint scheme, you canIt is seen from all sides that it is covered with an articular bag that has an outer and inner shell. Just the same on the outer shell can detect mucous sacs. In the body, all the moving parts of the skeleton perform continuous friction with each other, and to facilitate movement and reduce friction, these mucosal formations are used. That is, the slimy bag is a kind of shock absorber with a liquid that is between rubbing surfaces and does not allow them to damage each other.

Almost all joint diseases and knee injuries,in addition to aching pain, may be accompanied by edema. When the knees swell, the swelling may be almost imperceptible or on the contrary, reach a rather large size - up to 6-7 centimeters above the level of the knee. In both cases, you need to see a doctor immediately.

One of the reasons for swellingknees - bursitis. This disease causes inflammation of the mucous bags, the main signs of the disease are swelling and swelling in the knee that accompany the reddening of the problem area.

The cause of inflammation lies in heavy loads. The thing is that under the influence of high loads there is some flattening of the articular bags, in time they can become inflamed. Mucous bag as a result of inflammation begins to produce excess fluid, surpluses do not have time to be absorbed back. As a result, the size of the bag regularly increases, then an inflammatory reaction arises, the joint swells more and more, and gradually the person begins to feel discomfort in the knee area.

If you can not go to a hospital inIn the near future and there are suspicions of bursitis, it is necessary to wear fixative bandages. Of course, some bandages will be few, and you should also start taking anti-inflammatory drugs. As soon as the opportunity arises, you must always consult a doctor.

Another reason, due to which they swellthe knees are arthritis, which in most cases is developing because of previous injuries, infections and degenerative changes. With the diagnosis of arthritis, the patient must undergo a long-term complex treatment, which facilitates the restoration of metabolic processes in the body.

The cause of tumors in the knee region may bea simple trauma, for example, a person could just slip and fall on his knee, it could even be just a knee blow. Quite often, we do not attach importance to this kind of damage, but in vain, since the bruise obtained in this way can provoke swelling.

Other types of arthritis, such asrheumatoid arthritis, gout and lupus, can also cause swelling of the knee and stiffness of the affected area. Some diseases can be accompanied by pain if you have a pain under the knee. then you should immediately go to the hospital.

So, if you notice that you are starting to get sickknee, or there was an accompanying edema, it is necessary to immediately visit a surgeon, an osteopath or an orthopedist. These doctors will help relieve the pain and prevent the development of a chronic disease, and also help to avoid surgical interventions.