Heart failure is swelling in the legs

Swelling is a frequent symptom of diseaseheart. If the left ventricle is affected, the lungs swell. Legs swell with heart failure of the right ventricle, with this disease, fluid and salt are retained. At an early stage, cardiac edema appears on the legs, then affects other parts of the body.

Features of edema in heart failure

Puffiness is symmetrical;just two legs. When the disease is aggravated, edema becomes large. After a person rests, it becomes easier, puffiness passes. With heart failure at a late stage, a person does not feel better even after sleep.

In addition, that the lower part of the legs is affected,swelling affects the hips. After such symptomatology arises - swellings increase, dyspnea appears, a person gets tired. The disease proceeds slowly, imperceptibly, at first worries only in the evening time of the year, if a person for a long time arrives in an upright position. In cases of untimely therapy, heart failure and puffiness becomes chronic.

Diseases leading to cardiac edema

1. Arterial hypertension. at which the constant increases blood pressure. It arises most often as a result of hereditary predisposition.

2. Ischemic heart disease occurs when oxygen enters the heart muscle. There is shortness of breath, chest pain.

3. Heart defect will change the structure of the body, as a result of disturbed blood circulation. In a patient with a blemish, the skin becomes paler, there is shortness of breath. Most often the disease is congenital.

1. Hypoproteinemic appears if the level of protein in the blood decreases. Edema is formed where there is loose connective tissue, most often chooses a face. Swollen eyes after sleep.

2. Membraneous arises because of the increased vascular permeability. The blood protein appears in the intercellular space, because of this the amount of liquid increases.

3. Hydrostatic appears if the pressure in the capillaries increases. This is one of the main edema, characteristic of heart failure. It occurs if a long time does not treat a certain group of diseases. When the heart does not pump the required volume of blood, organs and tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen, nutrients. As a result, blood stasis may appear, after which a large number of edema will begin to form.

Symptoms of cardiac edema

1. Appear in the lower legs, are symmetrical.

2. Slow development of the disease, some in one week, others worry for months.

3. They are distinguished by an increased density, they can leave a pit behind them when they are pressed.

4. The liver can be significantly enlarged.

5. In severe cases, puffiness occurs on different parts of the body. In addition to puffiness in heart failure, shortness of breath, pale skin, tachycardia, bluish lips, a person does not tolerate physical activity.

6. If you treat the disease correctly, you can protect yourself from a heart attack, a stroke.

7. There are cardiac edema in the case of delayed blood flow, a reduced volume of extracellular fluid. When blood vessels stay in the blood vessels, the liquid enters the tissues that surround them. When the force of gravity is applied, the liquid moves down, and the legs begin to swell.

8. Cardiac edema is easy to identify, the finger is pressed down the shin in the region of the tibia, when a fossa appears, it says that you have a cardiac edema.

Methods of treatment of cardiac edema

To get rid of puffiness, you needIdentify a disease that provoked the appearance of edema. At an early stage of heart failure, edema is easily treated, you need to rest as much as possible, perform foot massage, take a bath, advise you to use a cold compress. To get rid of an unpleasant symptom it is possible only in the event that to be protected from a heart failure.

Medications for the treatment of cardiac edema

1. Diuretics refer to diuretics, they can be used to remove excess fluid from the body. Homeopathic medicines are especially appreciated. It is advised to brew a decoction of birch buds, a decoction of cherries, parsley, dandelion, cornflower. With the help of medicines you can get rid of puffiness. If you stick to a fruit or vegetable diet, you can remove excess fluid from the body. In the diet should be raw cabbage, potatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers. Adhere to the apple-curd diet. To chemical medicines carry Bumetanid, Piretanid, Furosemid, Torasemid.

2. Cardiac glycosides belong to herbal medicines, positively affect the heart, blood vessels, with the help of them it is possible to normalize the circulatory process, to prevent blood congestion, to improve the outflow of fluid, to get rid of edema.

Remember that cardiac edema is the firsta signal that you have heart problems. If it aggravates, it is dangerous, a person can die of a heart attack, a thrombosis, a stroke. When excess fluid accumulates, the work of internal organs is disrupted, so there are various swelling.

It is best to treat edema at the initial stage,recommend taking baths with sea salt, chamomile, sage, mint. To do this, prepare a decoction, insist it, then pour. You can use diuretic natural preparations - a drink with cranberries, herbal tea, a decoction of kalina.

So, cardiac edema can be dangerousa signal that speaks of a serious heart disease. It is important to start treating them in time, to identify the cause of their appearance. At an early stage advise to give preference to folk methods of treatment - broths, infusion from herbs. Also do not forget to engage in physical education, well the contrast shower helps.