After childbirth, my legs began to swell

After delivery, almost one in four women in childbirthcomplains of swelling. In this case, they can remain after pregnancy or even occur only after childbirth. Swelling of the legs after delivery is much more common than swelling of the other extremities or edema of the vagina.

Why do legs sweat after childbirth?

What are the reasons for swelling of the legs after childbirth? - There can be several answers:

  • First of all, the woman's body has accumulated enough fluid for the entire period of pregnancy - after giving birth, the body begins to rebuild, which also entails swelling in the limbs;
  • another cause may be varicose veins - this disease usually worsens during pregnancy, and also remains after childbirth;
  • exacerbation of urolithiasis or cystitis also causes swelling;
  • hormonal changes;
  • accumulated sodium sodium salts;
  • during pregnancy, the uterus presses on the venous vein and internal organs, which prevents the outflow of blood and fluid;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

Even if you do not suffer from chronic illnesses, swelling may be present.

How to relieve swelling after childbirth?

As much as possible rest, and take onDuring the day, the vertical position, with the feet better placed on the pillow. You probably noticed that puffiness intensifies by the evening, this indicates that your body needs rest.

Revise your diet if you are breastfeeding,then, most likely, you take the right products and at the same time exclude the harmful ones. Fried, smoked and salty foods can detain excess fluid in the body.

Quench thirst with clean water, whileminimize the use of black tea, coffee during breastfeeding after childbirth. You can take unsweetened fruit drinks, especially cranberry well, can also help to boil the dogrose, it has a lot of vitamins, and it also has diuretic properties.

Make each evening a cool herbal bath for hands and feet.

Wear special loose clothing after delivery. which will help to relieve fatigue in your legs, and adjust the blood circulation.

Treatment of edema after deliveryit is best to entrust the doctor to the doctor. In some cases, you can not do without medication, but in most cases the above tips will help you.

When there is swelling after childbirth?

As a rule, swelling after the birth takes place after 2-3 weeks. In some, this period may be much less, while others will have to suffer swelling up to 1.5-2 months.

In any case, do not worry about whether swelling will occur after childbirth) - all these unpleasant swelling (even severe swelling after childbirth) will go away, and you will forget about them quickly enough.