Antidote for fractures of the foot

Recipes of Traditional Medicine in Fractures

Fracture is a complete or partial violation of integritybones. With fractures, there is soreness, bleeding, external or internal, development of a hematoma, if the fractures of the bones are extensive, a traumatic shock is possible. Fractures can be traumatic and pathological.

The reasons for the fractures are different. In case of traumatic fractures, this is most likely a mechanical effect on the tissues that have bones, from the strength of the mechanical effect, the fracture can be as closed - without damaging the soft tissues, and open - with soft tissue damage, with this type of fracture marked by marked bleeding. Depending on the strength of the applied mechanical action, fractures have a huge classification, it can be a bone crushing, and fractured fractures and so on.

Pathological fractures are differentdiseases of the body, under which there is a softening of the bone. It can be osteoporosis, osteomalacia, just fractures of this kind can be with bone tuberculosis or with the development of a tumor. Fractures of this etiology are most often closed.

As a complication of fractures, the body canreact to trauma with traumatic shock, heavy bleeding. There is a high probability of damage to the internal organs by bone fragments. With an open fracture, when a wound is formed that has a communication with the environment, it is possible to develop a wound infection followed by the development of sepsis.
If the fractured tubular bone, when the bonecontents in the body cavity or penetration of bone fat into the cavity of the vessel, it can be introduced into various organs, and in the form of a thrombus clog the lumen of the vessels, or the excretory ducts of the organ in this case, they speak of a fat embolism.

If we consider the pathogenesis of the fracture, then we needremember that bone consists of organic and mineral parts, and a small fraction of the bone is water. A more detailed structure of the bone is more complicated, but everyone knows that there are a lot of calcium, phosphorus and other microelements in the bone. The organic part of the bone is collagen, it is a very flexible substance, in the bone tissue it is about 30%, which is insufficient, so that the bone does not break. In children, there is more collagen, with age, its number decreases, and it is caused by more frequent fractures in adults.
When a pathological fracture develops, thenthe bone structure itself is destroyed, while it becomes more porous, or the microelements are washed out, which makes the bone more susceptible to mechanical influences and even the slightest burden on the affected bone can lead to its fracture.
Bone tissue, like other tissues of the body,is supplied with blood, but if the vessels in other tissues after the injury have the property of rapidly contracting and closing the lumen, the vessels of bone tissue do not possess this property, so the stopping of bleeding during the fracture presents greater complexity.

Signs that indicate a change in theare noticeable. This is also a shift in relation to the normal position of the joint, if it is inside the joint fracture, a pronounced swelling develops, with palpation of which there is severe pain. If a fracture occurred at the base of the bone, the injured organ is completely turned off from work.
With an open fracture, a gaping wound with severe bleeding is visible, very often bone fragments go beyond the wound surface.
But even with such an easy diagnosis, the diagnosis is finally a fracture, yet it should be placed using radiography.

It is very important for the victim to provide the firstfirst aid, it is that to stop the bleeding as soon as possible, because if a fracture of the tibia occurs, a person can lose up to a liter of blood.
Then if the fracture is open, tryReduce the contact of the victim with environmental objects. Give the victim peace, and if there is such a need to impose an immobilizing tire, it can be anything, two knots, chips, boards, it all depends on the conditions where you are and the location of the fracture.
Then urgently call an ambulance and expect her arrival.

Further treatment is aimed at the early formation of bone callus and the organization of complete immobility of the affected organ.

With the purpose of the fastest joining of bones and the fastestThe inclusion of the injured person in a normal, active life can be used traditional medicine, they will promote a faster formation of bone calluses and increase the body's resistance to unfavorable factors.

For this purpose, the following tools can be used.

  • Since the fracture is always accompanied by acutepain, which is felt for a long time, for its relief, you can apply a pack of raw potatoes. To prepare a compress, potatoes are rubbed on a fine grater, superimposed on gauze, which is applied to the affected area. Hold until dry.
  • for the same purpose, you can use a decoction of grassbuds are ivy. To prepare the broth, one tablespoon of grass should be filled with a glass of boiling water, simmer over low heat, covering the lid for 10-15 minutes. After that, keep still for half an hour and apply for compresses.
  • you can make a tincture based on flowerslilac, chestnut, mother-and-stepmother and burdock roots, to take all plants equally. Fold in a jar, for 3/4 of the volume, and top up with vodka or alcohol. After being infused for 10-14 days in a dark, cool place, use as rubbing on the affected areas.
  • with a broken leg or arm, you can usebaths made from heather. To do this, 3 tablespoons heather pour a liter of boiling water, let it brew during the night in a thermos, then add the infusion into warm water and use to steam the injured limb.

How good are folk remedies for external use, just as you can apply them inside, which enables the body to use its forces more rationally and direct them to cure pathologies.
For oral administration it is possible to recommend the following broths.

  • Excellent properties in the treatment of not onlyfractures, has an infusion of rose hips, for its preparation a tablespoon of fruit pour 500ml of boiling water, pour into a thermos and insist during the night. Take half a cup twice a day before meals.
  • as a restorative and healing remedy wellI have proven myself a decoction of pomegranate peel. To make it, you need to take one tablespoon of dry, crushed bark, pour a glass of boiling water, to simmer 20 minutes slowly. Strain take 50 ml, broth before each meal.
  • If it happened that you broke your ribs, then inIn this case, the following recipe suits you perfectly. Crush the entire aboveground part of the cornflower meadow, wring out the juice from the mush, mix it with the thorn juice. Drink every morning for one tablespoon, on an empty stomach, for 8 to 10 days.
  • when fractures, you can safely recommend the use of mummies, for this 0.5 g of mummy, mixed with olive oil, drink 1 teaspoon once a day, the same means you can rub a sore spot.