Antipyretic ointment for legs after fracture

Is it worth telling someone how unpleasantIs it a fracture? Whether it is a fracture of the hand, legs, pelvis, spine, collarbone - all this brings out specific troubles. And let you never wow anything, but surely it was done by one of your friends, relatives, relatives. So you know about fractures firsthand. But, just in case, we recall that a fracture is a violation of the integrity of the bone, it is also possible to break the skin (in the case of an open fracture). After the application of gypsum and its subsequent removal follows the period of restoration of the damaged part of the body. Muscles are atrophied and not in the same form, so the recovery period may not be very pleasant. For this purpose, a special ointment is created after the fracture. These are the means that are designed to facilitate and make the recovery period of a person as comfortable as possible.

Why ointment after fracture? The action of ointments

Virtually all ointment after fracture (or cream)have a distinctly warming effect, and they are also characterized by anti-inflammatory functions. It is customary to distinguish ointments that warm the damaged surface and vice versa, which seem to cool it. On the note to consumers, do not overuse the use of ointments after fracture for preventive purposes, when they contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (methyl salicylate, ibuprofen and others).

For cooling ointments after fracture, notcharacteristic of such an irritation, as after warming, so the first can be applied to the damaged surface immediately after getting injured. Naturally, it is not assumed that the cooling ointment will lower the body temperature, but it will create the effect of some cooling.

Composition of remedies - ointments after fracture

The composition of ointments that should be used after a fracture include:

- bee venom, which is released from the sting of the bee (the spectrum of effects on the damage is quite extensive);

- snake venom in its properties and therapeutic functions is very similar to bees;

- extract of pepper, mustard - irritates the damaged area, increases local blood flow, thus increases the temperature of the treated area of ​​the body;

- Menthol - when rubbed on the skin and applied tomucous membranes menthol irritates the nerve endings, the process is accompanied by a feeling of cold, light burning and tingling, menthol creates a slight local anesthetic effect, mainly due to distracting influence.

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