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A qualitative preparation from a good German firm. Fast effect. While observing the dosage rules for side hormone therapy, no side effects are observed. Absolutely safe for the gastrointestinal tract, you can take a pill, drinking enough water in the morning and eating after a couple of hours.

Excellent combination of price and quality. Elegant choice of dosage from 25 mcg, which is especially valuable in the selection of therapy in elderly and severe patients.

Of all the known manufacturers of thyroxine "MerckKGaA "turned out to be the most reliable, I drank Eutirox when I was in the position, and my shchitovidka could not cope in any way." Scared that I can not stand a baby, TTG just went off scale. "The dose was chosen almost two months to finally compensate for the insufficiency of thyroxine. The state of affairs is welcomed by the colossal experience of the doctor.Today, I also take Eutirox, but in a small dosage.The state of health is simply super, the irritability has evaporated, the hair has finally grown back, the skin condition has improved by 12.5 kg.

I was prescribed the same drug, but I'm afraid of itaccept. After reading so many reviews, it became uncomfortable. Many people write terrible things, but I have many allergies. I just do not know what to do.

Effective medication for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Absorbed in 40 minutes, so take better no later than half an hour before meals. It is sometimes difficult to choose a dose, it took me about a year. The tablets are small, tasteless. And although many doctors believe that eutiroks no one to fake, I ran into a fake. In appearance, the packaging did not differ, but the tablets were in that package with chalk. I then did the examination. So be more careful when buying hormonal drugs. And do not forget to control the level of TSH.

Problems with the thyroid gland began at the age of 16. After a long visit to all kinds of doctors in the city and the region, I still had to undergo an operation to remove the thyroid gland. After the doctor, I was appointed "Eutiroks" with a dosage of 125. I take the pill every morning for 4 years, no problems. The state of health is excellent, I noticed no side effects. "Eutiroks" - a drug more or less available in comparison with other medicines. The drug is good.

The thyroid gland started to play for me back in 14years, because of the fact that there was a jump in growth (for 3 months I grew by 10 cm). The doctor-endocrinologist was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroiditis. And at that time to me have written out a thyroxine. Since then, 12 years have passed, the diagnosis was renamed hypothyroidism. Years from 18 I accept eutiroks, dosages were different (depending on analyzes on TTG). Now I have a prophylactic dosage of 50 mg, I drink on a pill every morning on an empty stomach. I believe that thanks to this drug and, of course, the lifestyle my thyroid is in a stable state and for 4 years the hormone and ultrasound tests are within the norm.

With eutiroksom known for more than three years(diagnosed gipoterioz) - I take it every morning in the interval from 5 to 8 in the morning (according to the doctor-endocrinologist, this time is optimal for taking eutirox). The important point - breakfast should be only one hour after the pill. As soon as she started taking eutirox, she felt changes in the quality of life - bradycardia, hair loss, skin peeling, swelling of the hands, legs, face, memory lapses, constant desire to sleep, the inability to act actively went away, and I returned to my former optimistic and active state !! During pregnancy, too, took eutiroks (just control TTG was significantly more), the doctor constantly adjusted the dose. In short, eutirox is an inexpensive and affordable drug that does not have any side effects and is fully compatible with any other drug.

I've been drinking Eutirox for 2 years already. I have a dosage of 75 mg. One word: I'm happy! Without it, no where. Pleasant, of course, a little that all life you need to sit on hormones because of elevated TSH, but it pleases that it is inexpensive and actually helps. Before I received it, I recovered by 10 kg per month, despite the fact that my meals did not change, there were constant mood swings, nothing pleased, the world was in gray paints. I realized that it was not where to pull anymore and went to the ultrasound of the thyroid gland, passed the hormone test and went to the endocrinologist. The main conclusion: drink "Eutiroks." Result on the face, I returned to the previous form and quickly enough! This medicine does not need to be afraid, it actually does not work on the principle of "one treats, and another mutilates," but it aligns the condition by normalizing the hormonal balance.

One year ago after the transferred ORZ my hairbegan to drop out strongly, nails were broken, the skin became dry, the nerves stammered, and the temperature reached 37.2 ° C. The therapist advised to consult an endocrinologist and undergo an ultrasound scan of the thyroid gland. During the examination, the doctor found subacute thyroiditis, that is, the inflammatory process in the endocrine gland. For a month before breakfast, I took one tablet of Eutirox, which initially provoked tachycardia. Treatment was effective: repeated US shchitovidki and a blood test on TTG confirmed that all the indicators came back to normal.

Three years the thyroid gland was removed - bothshare. As a replacement therapy, Eutirox was appointed, for life. Subject to admission rules, the drug is tolerated without side effects. The main thing - on an empty stomach, and regularly. The initial dose of a hormone is prescribed by a doctor. In addition, in winter, the dose of Eutirox is usually required more than in the summer. To adjust it is important to regularly take a blood test for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Despite the awesome word "for life", Eutirox tablets are available (one pack is enough for more than three months) and unproblematic in use.

Since childhood, there are problems with the thyroid gland, andrecently the state of health worsened: mood swings, sweating, and recovered greatly. The endocrinologist has diagnosed - a hypothyrosis subclinical, has appointed or nominated eutiroks. Take it before breakfast, it turns out on an empty stomach. Heartburn is not present - this is information for those with stomach problems. I did not notice any side effects. And the price is generally scanty. I feel that the drug works: the mood has improved significantly, the sweating has almost passed. Do not be afraid of eutirox. Completely innocuous and effective.

I took eutirox during pregnancy, whenIt was found out, that at me is raised or increased TTG. The thyroid gland did not cope, produced few hormones, and it is not good for the development of the child. The endocrinologist prescribed to drink during the whole period, up to delivery. It's good that this medicine has no side effects, and it does not have a detrimental effect on the baby. True, take it in the morning, on an empty stomach. I was uncomfortable, it happened that I forgot. Dosage was calculated based on body weight. Efficiency of reception checked on the analysis TTG somewhere in a month of regular reception. At me all quickly analyzes have come to norm or rate, and the daughter was born healthy.

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