Swelling of the legs and abdomen on week 37

At the end of pregnancy, the expectant mother is already preparingsee your baby. After the end of the 36th week of gestation, the births with a high degree of probability will already pass safely. If the child is born now, he will be able to exist without medical drugs. 37 week of pregnancy is the time when a woman can already collect things for a trip to the hospital.

Kid on week 37

The period of carrying the baby is coming to an end. Child at 37 weeks of gestation already fully prepared for the birth. A small organism produces hormones that prepare the newborn for existence outside the womb of the mother. 37 week of pregnancy is the time when the necessary amount of iron accumulates in the liver of the fetus, which can provide the baby with blood cells during the first year of his life. At the same time, a hormone begins to be produced, which is responsible for the maturation of the baby's lungs. Special substances are also being developed that help reduce the impact of stress after childbirth. This is necessary both for the infant and the parturient child.

37 week of pregnancy is also characterized byperfection of all systems of vital activity of the fetus. Some processes will continue in the next weeks of pregnancy. The main ones will be completed only when the child reaches the age of one year. Neurons develop rapidly, which are enveloped by a special membrane that has a protective function. This is necessary for the development of coordination of the movements of a small person.

Uneasy is and for mum 37 weekpregnancy. Wiggling baby become more active. He already has little room in his mother's womb and he wants to be born. But the process of delivery will begin only when both mother and child are ready for this. Premature birth can lead to birth trauma and non-disclosure of the lungs. Therefore, 37 weeks of pregnancy is not considered suitable for the planned stimulation of labor.

On the stirring of an infant in the womb followspay special attention. Movement baby can be perceived by the mother is already quite painful. But the absence of tremors should alert. If the child does not recall himself for a long time, you should immediately consult a doctor.

The fruit also grows considerably in size. The amount of fat tissue increases. It is quite difficult for those women who are 37 weeks pregnant. The weight of the child already reaches almost 3 kg. In addition, the number of amniotic fluid and the volume of blood increases. The total weight gain of a woman can reach 15 kg.

Childbirth at 37 weeks gestation, proceedingnaturally, pass normally without problems. The baby already has a good body weight, is able to breathe independently and suck his mother's breast. During this period, the cartilaginous tissues harden. But the skull bones remain still soft. Thanks to this, the fetus can pass unhindered through the mother's birth canal.

State of health of the expectant mother at 37 weeks of gestation

A woman who gained a lot in weight during pregnancy, during this period may become more tired. The center of gravity shifts, and the stomach is significantly increases in size. The future mother is not so easy to walk long distances. Yes, and do it now is not too desirable. Excessive fatigue can lead to premature birth, which can adversely affect the condition of the fetus.

Breathing at this time, the future mother is easier. The fact is that the fetus is already preparing to be born. The uterus descends, and the infant's pressure on the internal organs of the mother decreases. But the pressure on the bladder, on the contrary, increases. The woman begins to visit the toilet more often.

Improve the condition of the future mother during this periodit is possible with the help of a bandage. This medical device not only supports a fairly heavy stomach, but also prevents the appearance of stretch marks. In the pharmacy you can buy universal bandages, which will be used not only during pregnancy, but also in the postpartum period. Thus, not only will the condition become easier after childbirth, but the uterus will also quickly fall into place.

What should I do at 37 weeks gestation?

Childbirth at 37 weeks of pregnancy can begin at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, the future mother should be fully prepared for the long-awaited event. The first thing you need to do is choose a maternity hospital andto agree with a doctor who will take the baby to the light. In advance, you can pay for your stay in the postpartum ward. After all, after the birth of the child, worries will appear even more. The doctor's telephone number should be written in several copies, as well as inform relatives.

Suitable is the 37th week of pregnancy alsoand to collect things in the hospital. The list of necessary medicines can be clarified by the doctor who leads the pregnancy. You also need to collect a separate bag with bed, clothes and personal hygiene products. Do not forget about the camera and video camera. The first minutes of a baby's life must be imprinted.

In advance you need to prepare things for the newborn. Too much clothes in the maternity hospital should not be purchased. Toddlers grow very fast. Therefore, several blouses, cap, sliders and pairs of socks will be enough. Determine the size of clothing is very difficult for primipara women, who began 37 weeks of pregnancy. The weight of a child and his growth are the main indicators from which to start. If the baby develops normally, the expectant mother can purchase clothes for a newborn at a height of 56 cm. This principle should also be used to purchase diapers in the hospital.

Immediately after delivery, bathe the baby completelyit is impossible. Full-value water procedures will be performed only after the umbilical cord and the wound have healed. Special wet wipes for babies will come to the rescue. You can buy them in almost any pharmacy. In the hospital you should buy several packages of such napkins at once. They will also be suitable for mothers.

How to determine that birth is just around the corner?

There are some signs thatindicate that the birth will begin in the near future. A woman should be ready for the child to be born soon, if the 37th week of pregnancy has begun. Precursors of childbirth are almost the same for all expectant mothers.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention tothe form of the abdomen. The uterus goes down much lower. Many women notice a sharp drop in the abdomen at the 37th week of pregnancy. As a result, the frequency of trips to the toilet increases and pains appear in the perineal region. But it's much easier to breathe. The fetus at the 37th week of pregnancy is already practically resting its head on the cervix, which can lead to premature opening.

Can guard the future mother and strangeallocation at 37 weeks of pregnancy. To be frightened it is not necessary. A few weeks before the birth, a special mucous plug leaves, which during pregnancy protected the baby from various infections. The plug may be completely transparent or contain impurities of blood. If a pregnant woman is embarrassed by a discharge of this kind, she can contact her doctor. He will determine the nature of mucus and tell you when to expect the onset of labor.

It should be noted that the slimy plug itselfis not yet a sign of the onset of labor in the near future. After the mucus drifts, it can take up to ten days before the baby is born.

Every future mother is beautifulappetite. But his absence is also one of the precursors of an early birth. A few days before the birth of a child, some pregnant women generally refuse to eat. As a result, the weight of the expectant mother may decrease slightly.

Nutrition of a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy

Despite the lack of appetite, a woman must eat fully. After all, you need to think not only about yourself, but about your child. It should be preferred only quality natural products. In the summer, it is worth eating more fruits and vegetables. But in winter it is better to give preference to vitamins from the pharmacy. The fact is that the fruits that are offered in stores in the winter are distinguished by a large number of carcinogens and harmful substances. Such food can harm the health of both mother and child.

During pregnancy, the fetus takes away from the mothera lot of calcium. Therefore, dairy products must necessarily be present in the daily diet of a pregnant woman. From cottage cheese it is possible to prepare various tasty dishes which will be also useful.

Do not benefit the future mother fried and hotfood. I'd better cook in steaming or in the oven. So in products the maximum quantity of useful vitamins and minerals will be saved. We should also forget about fast food and semi-finished products.

Many pregnant women are used to drinking coffee beforepregnancy and do not want to give up their habit and in the waiting period of the baby. It is not necessary to completely remove this product from the diet, but its amount should be reduced. Do not harm a cup of coffee with milk in the morning. But at night to drink an invigorating drink to a future mother is not recommended.

The psychological condition of a woman at 37 weeks gestation

At the end of pregnancy a woman already feelsfatigue. She wants to get rid of extra pounds faster. At the same time, joy overwhelms her. After all, very soon she will meet her baby. Very often, the mood changes in a woman who is 37 weeks pregnant with a doctor. Precursors of childbirth do not give rest, and joyful thoughts are tuned to a positive mood.

The future dad at this time should support his companion like no other. It is on him that the normal psychological state of the pregnant woman depends. And if the future mother is still, the child is calm.

Characterized 37 weeks of pregnancy and socalled the "nesting period". At this time, the expectant mother begins to prepare her home for the appearance of a new person in it. A pregnant woman can initiate a cosmetic repair or purchase of new furniture. Together with this, she does not participate directly in the process in connection with her condition.

Sexual relations in the last weeks of pregnancy

Despite her condition, the future mother remains a woman. Many pregnant women note that while the baby is waitingsexual desire increases several times. If there is no medical indication, there is no reason to refuse to have sex. The belly in 37 weeks of pregnancy makes a woman even more attractive to her partner.

Quite often problems in bed appearnamely the future father. Men are afraid to harm the fetus and refuse to love relationships with the second half. It is not right. There are special poses that make it possible to carry out sexual intercourse painlessly and safely.

A couple can be on the alert only ifin 37 weeks of pregnancy the stomach or belly hurts and there are unusual allocation. It is better to contact a specialist in advance. Perhaps this is a simple preparation of the uterus for the upcoming birth and there is no reason to worry.

Swelling in late pregnancy

During the period of bearing the baby, especiallylast terms, significantly increases the production of the hormone progesterone. In this regard, swelling of the extremities can be observed. If it is small, it is considered the norm. Especially often there is fluid retention in the tissues in the summer. This is due to the fact that a woman consumes a lot of fluids. Promotes the appearance of edema as well as prolonged walking.

To guard future mother must jump sharplyweight, and swelling of the face. This may indicate a pathological process in the body of a pregnant woman. Puffiness should not appear abruptly. The amount of fluid increases in a woman's body gradually. The maximum peak of puffiness can be observed at 37 weeks of gestation. Visual detection of the problem is simple enough. If there is a hole when pressing on the shin, then there is an occasion to consult a doctor for advice. He can prescribe drugs that will reduce the amount of fluid in the tissues.

There are several reasons for the appearancepathological puffiness. First of all, this is inadequate food. If a woman consumes an insufficient amount of protein, fluid easily enters the soft tissues through the vessels. Improper kidney function also contributes to excessive puffiness. Provoke swelling of the limbs can varicose veins. Any discomfort associated with fluid retention should be the reason for immediate treatment in a women's consultation.

What should alert you at the 37th week of pregnancy?

With a normal course of pregnancy, a womanshould feel good even on the last terms, provided that she complies with the doctor's recommendations. But the bearing of the baby does not go smoothly for everyone. The presence of some symptoms may indicate the manifestation of late toxicosis. Cautions should headache, muscle spasms, "flies" in front of the eyes. If there are pains at 37 weeks of pregnancy in the upper abdomen, it is worth to consult a specialist immediately.

Dangerous enough for late pregnancyis gestosis. This is a pathological condition that can lead to death if you do not seek medical help in a timely manner. The manifestation of gestosis in the first place can be indicated by a large content of protein in the urine, as well as strong swelling of the extremities. The temperature at 37 weeks of gestation is also an unkind sign. It can talk both about late toxicosis, and about the beginning inflammatory process.

In the late gestation of the baby, allthe systems of the future mother are working on wear and tear. This can also lead to aggravation of chronic diseases. A pregnant woman should be observed by a specialist in her disease and do not hide anxious symptoms. In fact during this period it is necessary to care not only about the health, but also about a status of a fruit. Thus, possible complications during labor can be avoided.

Gymnastics will help to facilitate childbirth

Childbirth is unquestionably a painful process. But how fast and good they will pass, depends only on the woman herself. Special gymnastics for future mothers will come to the rescue. Prepare for childbirth is not too late even at 37 weeks of pregnancy. Physical exercises help to strengthen the pelvic muscles, improve the functioning of the nervous system. Prepared for childbirth, the woman feels more relaxed and confident. Improves the work of the heart and respiratory system. It is also much easier to return to the form after giving birth to the fair sex, who are engaged in special gymnastics during pregnancy.

It is worth noting that to engage in physicalexercise can not afford all pregnant women. Those who began 37 weeks of pregnancy, pulls the stomach and there are spotting, gymnastics should be stopped. Diseases such as tuberculosis, thrombosis, pleurisy are a contraindication to physical activity during pregnancy. Women who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, also from gymnastics, should refuse.

Physical training during the last period of pregnancyis different from the physical load of a woman who is not in a position. Even professional sportswomen give up their usual training during the waiting period of the baby.

Morning is an ideal time forgymnastics. If a woman can not pick up a special set of exercises herself, she can seek help from an instructor. Physical education for pregnant women is also conducted in women's clinics.

Most of the exercises for expectant mothers are aimed at training the pelvic muscles, as well as breathing. Classes are simple and fairly effective.

Pregnancy and bad habits

Every bad habit has every bad habit todayfemale. Unfortunately, future mothers are not in a hurry to give up alcohol and smoking even in the period of bearing the baby. Many believe that one cigarette and a glass of red wine a day are not capable of harm the child. This is not true. The unfavorable effect of nicotine is completely independent of the number of cigarettes smoked. A dangerous time for smoking is the term of 37 weeks of pregnancy. Harbinger of birth can be observed much earlier than this period, but the child will not yet be prepared to be born.

Nicotine has an adverse effect not only on the baby's body, but also on the future mother. The risk of premature termination of pregnancy increases several times!

Alcohol is even more dangerous for the fetus. A child whose mother used alcohol during pregnancy may significantly lag behind in development from her peers. In addition, alcohol is a frequent cause of the birth of babies with heart disease.

Pregnancy lasts only nine months. At this time to abandon bad habits is not so difficult. Especially if the life and health of a newborn baby depend on it.