Strong puffiness of the body and legs from what

Puffiness of limbs before menstruation can beas a natural individuality of your body, and the consequence of hormones. After all, as is known, estrogen promotes salt retention in the body, which in turn leads to water retention. (In any period of the month, if you eat a lot of salt, your body delays more water because it literally tries to dissolve excess salt in order to keep the balance).

In addition, the cause of premenstrual fluid retention may be a lack of B6 and / or magnesium, which are important for maintaining a fluid balance in the body.

And it is possible, so the pathology of veins orlymphatic vessels, joint pathology, impaired renal or cardiac function. Therefore, to find out the exact causes of this discomfort and the installation of an accurate diagnosis, you should definitely contact for internal consultation to the doctor.

Independently improveyour body's condition (reduce fluid retention), you can, with a certain, rather difficult, diet with a low salt content, and avoiding products containing refined starch and sugar, such as cakes and biscuits, which also contribute to fluid retention (blotch syndrome ").

Attention! A high level of insulin, stimulated by sugar, can cause delays in the body of sodium, creating a vicious circle.

Use in this period as much as possiblefruits and vegetables, since most of them contain large amounts of potassium, which helps to remove fluid from the body. Eat more fish and use linseed oil, which contains useful substances. These substances do not give rise to prostaglandins, which cause premenstrual pain. If possible, limit the use of red meat, as it enhances the production of these very prostaglandins.

Foods rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and basic fatty acids should also help.

And, finally, drink as much liquid as possible,particular water, since it dissolves the salt-paradox, but water will not enhance the fluid retention. The only exception is coffee - a diuretic - it is better to refuse it, as it can aggravate the manifestations of PMS, especially pain in the chest.

Do not take multiple medications - over time they can increase problems with fluid retention and other adverse effects.