How to relieve puffiness in an oncology

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Oncology. Treatment oncology folk remedies Unfortunately, oncology is now in second place after diseases of the cardiovascular system. Folk treatment oncology To begin folk treatment oncology follows with the cleansing of the intestine, t. It is especially important to keep the intestines clean during folk treatment oncology, when there is a disintegration of cancer cells, and it is desirable to use more than one herb and tinctures. Treatment oncology herbs In treatment oncology folk remedies can not do without poisonous herbs (hemlock, cocklebur, mushroom, hoof, etc. Together with herbs for folk treatment oncology should take a tincture to maintain the normal state of the gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system, heart, liver. When oncology lung and breast cancer in patients in the pleural region accumulates fluid. In people's treatment oncology This type is very helpful horsetail field, the effect of which is felt quickly. Oncology Treatment with juices An important role in the treatment oncology folk remedies are played by beet juices (dark varieties), carrots, black radishes. In the treatment oncology folk remedies, nutrition is required in a variety of ways, so that radionuclides are actively excreted from the body. During treatment oncologists folk remedies, it is necessary to exclude from the menu sharp and salty dishes, alcohol, yeast bread from fine flour.

American oncologists are convinced that the high content of carotene in daily diet is a good defense against cancer.

Tatiana Morozkina, doctor, professor, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in the field of oncology.

Treatment of knee arthritis with folk remedies One time I was tormented by knee arthritis, crunching and swelling.

To withdraw puffiness and burning, you need a cabbage leaf.