Edema of the urethra outlet

Inflammatory process, which develops inthe walls of the urethra, is called the inflammation of the urethra in men. Medical language this disease sounds like a urethritis. It can be found, both in women and men. But, doctors found that most often this disease occurs in men. In women, as an independent disease, it is not found, but more often manifests itself in the form of cystitis. That is, the process begins in the urethra, and is fixed in the bladder.

Once you have felt the firstsymptom of urethritis. then immediately consult a doctor. The thing is that this disease can be caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses, staphylococci and others. Because of the attachment of microorganisms, severe complications can occur. That is, the inflammatory process can go to the testicles or affect the prostate gland. However, such complications occur in neglected cases.

From established causes of the disease was createdclassification of inflammation of the urethra. Urethritis is divided into specific and nonspecific. Infections that are sexually transmitted cause specific urethritis. Such pathogens can be gonococci, Trichomonas, Chlamydia and others. Nonspecific urethritis occurs with the action of opportunistic microorganisms, such as streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli.

There is also no gonococcal form of urethritis. It can be infectious and non-infectious.

Non-infectious urethritis appears with injuriesthe urethra, with allergies, with a change in metabolism. Infectious urethritis is observed if a different kind of infection has joined.

In addition, urethritis is divided into primary andsecondary. With the primary inflammation of the urethra, an inflammatory process is observed directly in the urethra. Secondary, it arises from the fact that the infection is somewhere in the body, that is, it simply hides. Such a source of infection can be a carious tooth, persistent sore throats, etc.

From the foregoing, the relevantconclusions. Urethritis is venereal and not venereal. That is, to venereal urethritis include all urethritis, which were obtained as a result of infection through sexual intercourse.

Very often urethritis occurs due to infection,which is transmitted during sexual intercourse. Also, inflammation of the urethra can occur as a result of improper hygiene. When a person does not observe personal hygiene, then it appears more likely that pathogenic microorganisms will get into the walls and tissues of the urethra. Such microorganisms can be streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli.

In addition, the cause of urethritis may beurolithiasis disease. During urolithiasis. formed stones can independently go out through the urethra, while they hurt it. Because of these injuries, a disease can also appear. It is also worth remembering that urethritis can also provoke the use of too spicy, sour and salty foods.

Paradoxical as it may seem, differentMedical interventions, such as swab picking or diagnostic studies, can also trigger the onset of the disease. These procedures injure the urethra, then the infection joins and inflammation occurs.

During the acute phase of the disease, there aresharp pain, burning, itching. All this complex of symptoms is observed at the beginning of urination. Also, the acute course of the disease is characterized by the release of pus from the urethra. In the further course of the disease, inflammation, swelling and pain gradually cease in the same way as purulent discharge. In most cases, urine is a normal transparent color with single yarns of pus. In most cases, the acute phase of urethritis is characterized by quite frequent urge to urinate, which in turn is accompanied by cuts and pains at its end.

Very informative for doctors of symptoms of urethritisis the adhesion of the edges of the external orifice of the urethra. This is due to purulent discharge. Often there can be a very painful urination, both at the beginning and at the end, that is, throughout the entire period of urination. Very often, patients complain of discomfort in the process of urination, as well as such common symptoms as carvings, itching, burning. It should be noted that purulent discharge may not be at all. Urethritis can proceed simply with discomfort, burning and other symptoms.

There are some types of urethritis, for which some symptoms are characteristic. Below them and consider.

Acute urethritis. For this type of disease characterizingsymptoms are itching and burning during urination. Intensive discharge from the external canal of the urethra is observed. There is reddening of the lips of the external part of the urethra. In addition, there is swelling. There may be a general malaise. However, the acute phase can proceed without these symptoms.

Subacute urethritis. During this period, puffiness and painful sensationsdecrease. The detachable is significantly reduced or completely disappears. Purulent discharge from the urethra can be observed only in the morning in the form of a crust formed. This crust adheres the opening of the urethra. The urine is not turbid with individual purulent threads.

Chronic urethritis. If the treatment was not correct or noteffective, then perhaps urethritis will become chronic. In this condition, slight discharge from the urethra is observed. These discharges are of a permanent nature and can increase under the influence of provoking factors: alcohol consumption, hypothermia, agitation.

Gonorrheic urethritis. The acute phase of this urethritis is accompanied byrapid clinical course. After infection for 3-4 days there are very abundant discharge of yellowish color. Also, the disease is accompanied by severe pain in the urethra when urinating. If you seek qualified help in time, you can easily and quickly cure the disease. If assistance and treatment are provided in a timely manner, then terrible complications of this disease can be avoided. In case the patient tries to prescribe the treatment for himself, this threatens him with certain unpleasant consequences.

Trichomoniasis urethritis. This form of urethritis is dangerous because it hasdefined incubation (latent or asymptomatic) period. It lasts up to 15 days. Clinical manifestations are insignificant. There is a small amount of discharge from the urethra, slight discomfort. In some cases it happens. That these symptoms are absent. In fact, trichomoniasis urethritis is a very insidious disease. Having infected this pathogen, a man may not know about his disease. In this case, he is a carrier of the disease. In most cases, they seek help from a hospital when complications have already developed. This is the crux of the problem.

That's exactly the prevention of the disease ismost important. First of all, every man, as well as a woman, should streamline his sex life. It is necessary to try to make so that promiscuous sexual relations were as little as possible. Of course, the ideal option will have a permanent partner. But, it does not always happen. Every man, without exception, should immediately contact a specialist after accidental sexual contact. And regardless of whether there are symptoms of the disease or not. You just need to go and pass the tests. If suddenly it was revealed the disease, the experts will begin the treatment of inflammation of the urethra in men. It is actually a very important question, since timely treatment of disease promises to bode good forecasts. If suddenly it turned out that both partners noticed anxious symptoms, then both should be treated. And the treatment will be comprehensive.

The main method of treatment of urethritis isantibacterial therapy, that is, the use of antibiotics. Most importantly, the pathogens were sensitive to them. For this, a number of diagnostic studies have to be carried out. In addition to antibiotics, it is essential to appoint immunomodulators to the patient. If complications have already joined, then treatment is only complex. Local treatment can be prescribed only in cases when chronic gonorrheal urethritis is detected. The most local treatment is that antiseptic agents are introduced into the urethra. During the course of the disease, an abundant vitaminized drink is recommended and a strict diet is prescribed. The duration of treatment is strictly dependent on the form of the disease, the presence of complications, and also, the stage of the disease.

During treatment it is very important to eliminatethe cause of inflammation and repair the damaged walls of the urethra. Antibiotics help in this amazingly. It is antibacterial therapy that will help to get rid of this not very pleasant disease.

It should be remembered, treatment should be comprehensiveand only under medical supervision. Urethritis is a very insidious disease, which can have not very good consequences. Therefore, first of all you need to know the prevention of the disease. If you know it, then the risk of getting urethritis is dramatically reduced. Remember that sexual relations must be safe and secure.

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