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  1. Homemade medicine chest of medicinal plants Degree of correspondence: 88.95%
    Fragments of the text of the post. The method especially good for stopping nasal bleeding. at people's medicine from a straw of oats prepare broths, teas,tinctures that are used as a febrifuge (to prepare the broth take 30-40 g of rugged straw for 1 liter of boiling water, 2 hours insist). - Ancient popular and an effective way is birch ashes. - Chicory common (wild chicory) is recommended people's medicine of many countries as a means of regulating metabolism, a calming nervous system that slows the heart rate. - The root of parsnip is widely used in people's medicine.
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  • Soap to the teeth necessary Degree of compliance with the request: 6.98%
    Fragments of the text of the post. To their remove, you need an operation. Try, he says, to treat your gums with some kind of popular method. Nevertheless, to be treated popular means better than nothing to do. More information:

  • How to lose weight cheaply and easily Degree of compliance with the request: 4.07%
    Fragments of the text of the post. Not without reason corn stigmas to its patients, who are overweight, have long been prescribed folk healers. After people's, official medicine has long recognized the efficacy of this inconspicuous grass against such an invincible disease as obesity.