Can I soar my feet with swelling

Since our great-grandmothers were inventeda lot of people's methods of fighting illnesses. For example, put the plantain on the place of the cut, with a puffiness or bruise - a cabbage leaf, with a cold to breathe over the boiled potatoes, and with a cold - soar your legs. Strangely enough, even with a terrible modernecology and its weakened organism, these methods are still effective and help, if not radically, then in combination with other methods.

So, for example, after returning home after a longwinter walk, do not be lazy to do prophylaxis: take the time to soar your legs every time you feel even a slight malaise. Well, if the disease makes itself felt by a sore throat, a cough and a runny nose, then this procedure should become simply irreplaceable and compulsory.

What is the meaning of this therapy? How does it affect the body? The fact is that hot water stimulates blood flow. In this case, the blood circulates more in the lower part of the body, that is, in the legs, and the outflow occurs in the upper part. Accordingly, if we want to facilitate breathing (the work of the lungs, nasal sinuses and respiratory tract), then you need to soar your legs.

Contraindications and consequences if they are ignored

Most people are wondering about the factDoes this procedure have contraindications, despite its harmlessness? For example, can you soar your feet at a temperature or other diseases? Yes, there are contraindications, and their ignoring can lead to undesirable consequences.

  • at a temperature, because hot water increases it even more;
  • during pregnancy - this can lead to premature contractions, bleeding;
  • with cardiovascular diseases;
  • with hypertension;
  • just before going out.

How to soar your legs

Legs need to soar "wisely". Prepare everything you need for the procedure and what you need after it: a basin with high sides (or a bucket), hot water, a kettle of boiling water, mustard powder or mustard (if these components are not allergic), a blanket, a towel, warm socks better woolen).

You need to soar your feet by lowering into the water not onlyfeet, but also the ankles (at least partially). Do not pour boiling water and suffer: start with a temperature of about 37-38 degrees, and as you get used to pour boiling water from the kettle. Before starting the procedure, dilute the mustard or powder in the water - this promotes better tissue warming and blood flow improvement. There is an opinion that you can soar your feet in the infusion of herbs, for example, chamomile, mint and sage. It is possible, but it will make your skin and feet softer and nothing more. Such a decoction is useful only when ingested in the form of tea with honey. But if you decide to add these herbs or essential oils to them in boiling water, cover yourself with a big towel or blanket over your head. Thus, you will also undergo an inhalation procedure, which will improve the healing effect. The duration of this procedure is 10-15 minutes.

After water procedures, your feet need to get dry with a towel and wear warm socks prepared in advance. Some time is better to spend under a blanket with a cup of useful herbal tea with honey.