Swelling of the legs vascular asterisks is observed

Vascular asterisks are known to a large number of people. This phenomenon, which has the form of a grid of expanded small vessels, arises under the influence of a number of reasons. Sometimes it is also called telangiectasia.

Teleangiectasia is most oftenthe result of defects in the capillary system. Under pressure in the veins, the walls of adjacent capillaries are deformed. There is a swelling, which makes possible their protrusion on the skin in the form of vascular asterisks. The capillaries widen considerably. If in norm their diameter is no more than 0.02 mm, then in extended ones it reaches 1.5 mm.

This syndrome is more typical for adults. Studies show that more often asterisks are vascular in women. 80% of women who have them, have acquired asterisks after pregnancy and childbirth. The mesh of vessels is perceived by its owners rather as a cosmetic defect that needs to be masked. As such a masking of the vascular asterisks on the face is a foundation, on the legs - pantyhose of black color. Male gender does not notice telangiectasia at all. And the beautiful sex is concerned with the question of how to clean the spider veins. However, few know that the vascular network can be a consequence of the development of serious diseases.

Among the researchers of this phenomenon, the opinion has developed that in men and women, asterisks of vascular appear for various reasons.

In men, they are often chronicvenous insufficiency. Women are faced with telangiectasia due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or taking hormonal medications.

  • diseases of the spine:
  • insufficiency of venous circulation;
  • frostbite;
  • liver diseases;
  • flat feet;
  • pregnancy and after childbirth;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • lack of vitamins C or P;
  • obesity;
  • lowered vascular tone;
  • violation of hormonal balance;
  • deterioration of blood clotting;
  • lifting heavy objects, with standing work;
  • excessive enthusiasm for hot procedures, saunas, sunbathing;
  • radiation therapy.

These factors affect the subcutaneous capillarysystem, expanding the vessels and disrupting the tone of the vascular walls. As a result, the pressure rises, puffiness arises, the blood stagnates. Vessels, enlarged in volume, are visible through the skin. In this case, hemorrhages occur in some small vessels.

Although the asterisks are vascular, absolutely nobodyadorn, they are not a disease in themselves. Teleangiectasia sometimes indicates liver damage. For this pathology, numerous rashes are characteristic. Hepatic diseases are accompanied by the appearance of vascular asterisks on the chest and stomach.

In addition, the appearance of meshes oftentestifies to the presence of heart diseases associated with increased arterial pressure. With its growth, the capillaries expand. During pregnancy, they are often due to the development of varicose veins. After all, at this time, the load on the circulatory system is greatly increased. However, other causes of telangiectasia in pregnancy are possible. To find the true causes of it, you need to consult a doctor.

Vascular mesh has the appearance of spots of red orpurple with an uneven surface. Their size varies. When these areas are pressed, they pale. Patients complain of pain and tingling. Sometimes the affected areas "burn". There may be seizures.

Early detection of asterisks helps fasterbegin to fight them, as well as to identify the diseases that have caused the telangiectasia. Even before the vascular asterisks occur, the color of the skin changes and a rash may appear. The specialist will help to find the cause of the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of vascular asterisksconducts a doctor-phlebologist, specializing in vascular diseases. To assess the patency of blood vessels and blood flow, you need to perform their ultrasound. Still need a test of liver and heart function, a study of blood coagulability and a general blood test.

Vascular mesh can appear in differentparts of the skin. However, the most frequent place of her localization is the legs and face. Usually the asterisks are vascular in the form of multiple spots of dark red hue. It is possible, however, and the bluish color. The vascular pattern on the face is usually localized around the nose, cheeks and chin. The telangiectasia on the legs is seen under the knees from behind and on the hips.

The coverage area is sometimes quite large. It seems that there was a bruise on my leg. Appearing at an early age, enlarged asterisks most often affect soft tissues. At birth, they occur on the legs of 20% of babies, disappearing in the future.

The appearance of stars on the neck and in the decollete area is possible for people who are long in bright sunlight. Most suffer from this are those who have skin that is dry and thin.

In addition, the vascular networks differ in appearance.

Vascular asterisks on the face have a linear form and are called kuperoza.

Spider asterisks represent a ramified network of enlarged capillaries branched in different directions from one arteriola.

Women often have a combination of different varieties of vascular mesh. So, on the hips from the outside appear tree-like stars, and from the inside - linear.

In the initial stages, a conservativetreatment of vascular asterisks, which use special preparations in the form of creams and ointments ("Troxevasin", "Heparin", etc.). These funds allow you to make less pain and swelling, speed up the blood flow. About this treatment, which prevents the appearance of such a pathology, vascular sprouts on the legs, the reviews are usually positive. At the same time, drug therapy is ineffective when they already exist. If lesions are found at the initial stage, have small dimensions and there are no ruptures of capillaries, it makes sense to apply iontophoresis. His sessions can take place in an ordinary cosmetology center. The effect of iontophoresis is based on the effect of direct current, which helps to increase skin permeability for drugs. Courses for 10 procedures are held 2 times a year. Often, as a result, it is possible to achieve a certain reduction in the diameter of the vessels and prevent the appearance of regular stars.

A radical method of treatment is the removalvascular asterisks. Only a doctor can appoint him. Analyzes and tests will give the doctor an opportunity to assess the blood vessels of the body not only to treat the vascular sprouts themselves, but also to combat the causes of their occurrence. The most commonly used sclerotherapy, electrocoagulation and laser method for their removal.

Removal of vascular asterisks on the legs, as well asbreast and face is performed with an aesthetic purpose. In the process of diagnosing the doctor sends the patient to an ultrasound, which makes it possible to find blood clots. This information will make it much easier to remove stars.

Intravenously, with the thinnest needle,special means. The medicine "Fibrovein", for example, leads to damage to the inner wall of the capillary and its adherence. Next on the foot for a few days put on a stocking with a compression or elastic bandage. The frequency of the procedures is two weeks. How many sclerotherapy sessions are needed, the doctor decides.

  • absence of pain;
  • performed at the dispensary;
  • good tolerability;
  • can be used in combination with other methods.
  • the skin reacts to the drug with redness that lasts for 3 weeks;
  • there is a risk of hypersensitivity to the drug, manifested in allergic shock or the appearance of scars;
  • in a number of cases, after the procedure, thrombi arise, which cause a darkening of the skin;
  • after a while the asterisks can recur.

To date, the greatest effect is the removal of vascular nets with a neodymium laser. He is very precise.

It works like this: from the light emitted by the laser, the blood in the vessels undergoes a slow heating, then folds and there is a natural "welding" with the vascular wall.

Neighboring tissues are not affected, since only the blood can absorb laser light. Further, the affected part of the vessel dissolves over time, leaving no traces.

Vascular sprockets on the legs, face and other parts of the body can be removed.

The skin before the laser removal session shouldbe cleaned and disinfected. Discomfort when exposed to a laser is minimal. Only in rare cases local anesthesia is applied in the form of a special cream applied to the zone of operation. The cryogenerator helps to cool the surrounding tissues.

  • The operation is harmless, does not affect the skin surface and does not cause scarring;
  • effectiveness - laser removal is subject to vascular sprockets of various sizes in the range 0.05-4 mm;
  • do not wear compression underwear;
  • It is used in areas where sclerosing is impossible;
  • speed - in order to remove small stars, sometimes there is only one procedure.
  • the need to give up cosmetics on the day after the procedure;
  • in a number of cases, there is a rapid edema from the action of the laser;
  • The procedure is contraindicated for brown-skinned people undergoing antibiotic and retinoic medication.

The procedure effectively defeats the spider veins, reviews about it are mostly favorable.

To conduct the procedure, ordinary lasers, which are equipped with cosmetology salons, are not suitable. Requires neodymium or argon.

In this technique, a high frequency current is used that causes coagulation of the wall proteins of the vessel with a decrease in its lumen. The method is limited to small vessels (up to 0.3 mm).

  • no scarring;
  • is applied in any zone of the skin;
  • does not need pulling underwear;
  • Used for all skin types.
  • soreness;
  • In the healing process, crusts appear, which can not be touched;
  • Before they go down, it is forbidden to wash and use makeup.

Phototherapy is also based on the gluing of blood vessels. This method of laser therapy distinguishes work with large areas of the skin and the possibility of affecting small vessels. With this technique, the color of the skin is further improved, the amount of rashes is reduced, the metabolic processes return to normal. After phototherapy, the patient does not need rehabilitation.

Vascular asterisks on the face, called couperose, arise from chronic diseases and spoil the appearance.

To overcome on the face a vascular mesh can juicealoe, lightening the skin and returning her beauty. A piece of the plant is kept in the refrigerator for a while. Apply it before going to bed. The cut out part of aloe is applied to the face skin and lubricates it with juice. Then the nourishing cream is applied. There may be a burning sensation after a while. The operation is done 12 times at intervals of one day.

Helps infusion parsley, mixed in equal proportion with milk. It is used as a compress on the face. The procedure time is 30 minutes.

A good effect is given in the treatment of couperose special face masks.

A mask of sea-buckthorn juice with starch is applied to the face for 15 minutes twice a week. Instead of sea buckthorn juice, you can use freshly squeezed cranberry juice, cranberries, raspberries.

You can replace washing by wiping your face with ice cubes and decoction of herbs. Sage and calendula are best.

To avoid the appearance of vascular asterisks, you need to follow simple advice:

  • less frequent walking on high heels;
  • avoid obesity;
  • restrict visits to the solarium and sauna.

Regular physical activity will also help to prevent trouble in the future.