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Treatment of puffiness of feet according to the recipes of the newspaper "Herald of HSE".

Swelling of the legs - causes - treatment - folk remedies. From a conversation with a doctor
In the summer, with the onset of warm days, often, especiallyevening, often swelling of the legs in women. What to do, what is the reason, how to remove leg edema folk remedies? All of these questions are answered by the head physician of the Moscow clinic "Medsi" Huseynova Zulfiya Huseynovna.

Causes of leg swelling in summer
Swelling of the feet is closely related to the amount of fluid being drunk. In the summer we drink more, so there may be swelling.
Swelling of the legs in women is also directly related to hot weather, because under the influence of the sun, they activate the hormonal background, which is the reason for the fluid retention in the woman's body.
What to do to avoid swelling of the feet in the heat? It is not so much less to drink as to limit products that can cause thirst to intensify: If the intake of liquid into the body is sharply reduced, the water will be stored in the tissues in reserve, which will cause swelling of the legs.
To avoid excessive thirst, reduce the consumption of salty, sharp, fatty foods, sweets, spices, discard carbonated drinks.

Swelling of the legs is the cause.
If the swelling of the feet first appeared withoutof the above-mentioned apparent causes, then the causes of edema should be clarified. Necessary examinations: ultrasound of the kidneys, thyroid gland, study of the vessels of the lower extremities, ECG. If swelling of the legs in women, you need to visit a gynecologist.
Many people know why the legs swell in their case. The reasons can be the following:
1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system
2. Pathology of the kidneys
3. Varicose veins.
Swelling of the legs from these causes occurs constantly, and not only in the summer.

What to do if the legs swell. How to remove swelling of the legs.
Until the diagnosis is clarified for the treatment of puffiness of the legsyou can apply diuretics. But we must remember that they are powerful enough, besides they increase the excretion of useful microelements from the body, especially potassium. The diuretic drug hypothiazide is used once and not more than 12.5 mg.
Now much more often with edema of the legs used a diuretic drug - veroshpiron. It refers to potassium-sparing, apply it daily for 25 mg, but not more than 7-8 days.
Diuretics for swelling are betterapply in accordance with the biological rhythm of a person, and this is 5-6 in the morning for the kidneys, and strictly on an empty stomach. But before you grab the pills, use diuretic herbs to treat edema: bearberry, corn stigmas, cranberry leaf, ready-made kidneys. All these folk remedies can be bought at the pharmacy. Infusions of diuretic herbs can be taken 1-2 months.
To remove puffiness of the feet will help and external means: gel lyoton 1000 and ointment troxevasin. These funds are especially good if the cause of swelling is varicose leg disease.

What to do if the legs swell and hurt. Why there is pain in swelling.
Because swelling not only squeezes the vessels, butand nerve endings, and therefore there is pain. To remove the pain with puffiness of the feet non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments: diclofenac, ketanol. apply ointment on legs with easy movements from below upwards. If the pain with swelling is very strong, take painkillers inside, and better antispasmodics - papaverine or no-shpu.
In the summer heat, it is useful to take vascular drugs course lasting 1-2 months: detraleks, troxevasin, trental, ascorutin.

Recommendations for gardeners. Folk remedies for foot swelling.
The cause of oedemas of the legs in the summer residents is mainlycardiovascular pathology, because women and men in the countryside spend a lot of time in static uncomfortable poses. This inhibits the outflow of blood from the blood vessels of the lower limbs. The veins and femoral arteries are clamped. To prevent this from happening, it is better to work sitting on a low stool.
Every half an hour you need to take a short break,knead muscles, walk around the site. Every 2 hours, take a longer break and perform leg exercises: rise on your toes, pull your socks on yourself, swing your legs, shake your feet. The calf muscles will begin to contract and pushes the venous blood back into the bed, there will be no stagnation of blood and edema.
Very useful contrast baths and coolshower for feet. Watering the beds, do not forget to water your feet. This contributes to a sharp reduction in muscle and blood vessels, excess fluid is eliminated from the body, which helps to remove swelling of the legs.
Instead of tea, drink a decoction of parsley, it has an easy diuretic effect, and a host of other advantages. It is very useful to eat fresh cucumbers from the beds, they quench thirst well and help to remove swelling.
Do not wear socks with tight elastic bands, otherwise the legsby the evening will be swollen, there may be convulsions. A compression stockings with varicose veins are always worn. (HLS 2013 No. 11, pp. 12-13)

Swelling of the legs with varicose veins - compress of heparin ointment
When from work in the kitchen garden zagudyat, otekut feetor swollen veins, will help to remove these phenomena heparin ointment. Tube in 25 g is enough for 5 procedures. It is necessary to smear a foot in a sore spot with this ointment, wrap it with polyethylene, bandage it and put on a stocking from above. After that, lie down for 2 hours to rest. At first, severe pain may begin, but it is necessary to endure. One day to process one leg, the second day - another. When the tube is over, take a break for a week. Then repeat the treatment. (HLS 2005 No. 13 page 28)

Decoction of flaxseed, if swollen feet
The woman had strong swelling of her legs. Eliminated from them helped decoction of flaxseed. She brewed 4 tbsp. l. flax seeds 1 liter of water and boiled for 10 minutes. After wrapping the pan with broth, I insisted 1 hour. Saw without filtering 100 ml every 2 hours. On the day, 6-8 receptions were obtained. After 2 weeks the swelling of the legs of the woman completely gone. (HLS 2013 No. 17 page 30)

Treatment with infusion of parsley and lemon
The woman managed to remove swelling on her legs with the help ofof the people's means. She scrolled about 200 grams of parsley in the meat grinder along with the roots. 1 cup of this mass was filled with two glasses of steep boiling water, wrapped and insisted until morning. In the morning, the infusion filtered and added juice, squeezed from one lemon.
Drank a medicine on 1/3 glasses 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. After 2 days of taking - 3 days break. The treatment of edema with this remedy is to continue until they disappear completely. (HLS of 2011 №10 page 32)

If the legs swell, the cucumber will help
With foot swelling, take the juice of fresh cucumbers. Drink 1/3 cup 2-3 times a day. It can not be salted. (HLS of 2011 №16 page 31)

Treatment of leg edema comfrey
Reader HLS heard at the stop talkingtwo women that the comfrey helps well if the legs swell and hurt. Then I cooked the healing tincture. Roots well washed and chopped, filled them with a liter jar by 1/3, filled up with vodka to the top. Comfrey insist must be at least 3 weeks. During this time, the tincture will darken, and the roots will also turn from white to brown.
The result of the treatment of edema comfrey surpassed allexpectations - puffiness subsided, legs stopped aching. Earlier the woman hardly went, now without effort walks by a fast step on a summer residence. She rubbed her feet and feet with a tincture (HOLL 2011 № 17 p. 9)

Treatment of swelling of the feet with dill seeds
This is a folk remedy for edema woman read in the "Herald of HAP".
1 tbsp. l. with a hill of dill seed, pour 300 ml of boiling water. 150 g infusion to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, 150 g to drink in the evening before bedtime. The course is 21 days.
The woman drank so two courses. The third course she took only 150 ml of infusion only before bed.
The result is this. She is a diabetic for 11 years. Legs were, like an elephant, barely walked. After the treatment, numbness, swelling, disappeared veins. Dill water continues to drink for the prevention of edema. (HOOO 2008 No. 16, page 31)

Tincture of Kalanchoe
A woman often swollen legs. She stopped eating salty, she began to drink less, but there was no result. The girlfriend suggested using a tincture of Kalanchoe to treat swelling, she needs to rub her legs.
To make the tincture, the leaves are kneaded ingruel. Fill the jar with half and pour over the vodka. Infuse 3 days, do not filter. The woman rubbed her legs at night, a week later they became the same volume. (Healthy Holidays 2008 No. 17, page 30, 2001, No. 1, page 6)

If the legs swell and are covered with a blue vein net,you need to regularly rub them until the edema disappears completely and blue tincture from the fresh leaves of Kalanchoe on vodka. / 4 bottles filled with scrolled on a meat grinder leaves and pour 60-70% alcohol to the top. Insist 2-3 weeks, strain and use (2006 No. 3 page 3)

Treatment of swelling of feet with decoction brooch
The woman had swelling of her legs after the operation. To remove edemas it was possible by means of broth sporisha. 3 tsp. herbs should be brewed in 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 4 hours strain and drink 1/4 cup 4 times a day. Drink better through a straw to save your teeth. (HLS 2004 No. 17 page 26)

How to remove edema with a burdock
The man managed to remove swelling of the legs with the help ofleaves of burdock. He put them light side on the shins, wrapped on top with an elastic bandage. Holded 3 hours. After three procedures, edema decreased, after ten procedures, they completely disappeared. And now they are no longer a whole year. So the leaves of burdock helped. (HLS 2010 № 17 page 30)

The woman began to swell legs, she tied the leaves of burdock rough side to the skin to cure leg failed for several procedures. (HLS 2009 No. 18 page 32)

Herbal compress
If you have a swollen foot, there is pain, lameness,scoop the leaves of burdock, plantain, finely chop, add black bread, a little salt, rub everything into gruel, add Vishnevsky ointment. This mass is folded into a tissue and tied to a sore spot. (HLS 2010 No. 1 page 36)

Ointment for the treatment of puffiness
The woman had a strong swelling of her legs, a long,terrible. A simple ointment helped to remove the swelling. She cooked it like this: melted a piece of wax the size of a matchbox, added 1 cup of unrefined sunflower oil and half the yolk of the previously boiled egg.
This ointment smeared my foot to the knee, wrapped the stripes of the torn sheet, then put on the stocking. Carried out 17 sessions. (HLS 2005 No. 24 page 26)

All methods can have contraindications. Before using folk recipes, consult a doctor!

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