Strong swelling of the legs what to do

Many women, and often men, at the end of the dayface weight and pain in the limbs, because they have swollen legs. What to do, how to remove this aching pain, is it possible to prevent the appearance of these symptoms in the future? It is about this, as well as the causes of edema, we'll talk about in the article.

Yes Yes. It is a disease. After all, basically swelling is a manifestation of some kind of disease.

The way of life is the root cause of puffiness, and notonly the legs, but also the face, neck, hands. Pay attention to your food: if the diet is a lot of salty, smoked and spicy dishes, then you can not avoid swelling. In fact salt and spices in nemerenyh quantities detain a liquid in an organism. A sedentary lifestyle, excessively soft bed or office furniture, the favorite position of many women "foot on foot" also provoke swelling.

Footwear. Undoubtedly, a narrowed sock and a high hairpin are a classic, without which a campaign for a job or a party can not be avoided. But, lovely women, fighting for beauty, you completely forget about health! After all, it is these smart shoes that prevent the gastrocnemius muscle from working at full strength, and this, in turn, provokes fluid stagnation in the legs. Therefore, at least occasionally wear soft and comfortable shoes or moccasins. Fortunately, fashion does not stand still, and even in shoes on a flat sole can look stunning.

People who walk a lot or just stand inDuring the day, the load on the limbs is very high. Therefore, they know, as anyone knows, how unpleasant it is, when their legs are swollen. What to do and how to deal with it?

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  • Health status (past or chronicdisease) is the cause of stagnation of lymph. Cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis, venous insufficiency, kidney diseases - all this provokes swelling on the legs, hands, face.

    Unfortunately, puffiness is practically a constant companion of pregnant women, as well as people prone to fatness.

    You want that in the evenings you do not suffer pain fromthat the legs are swollen? What to do with this and how to help yourself? It is recommended to carry out preventive measures. Moreover, this does not take much time and does not require large financial costs. The main preventive measures can be changes in the habitual way of life:

    try to sit more often for a while, if the work is connected with walking or standing;

    change the tight and uncomfortable (but so beautiful) shoes to a more practical one;

    add a little sport: aqua aerobics, jogging or walking, cycling will not let lymph stagnate in the limbs, and muscles will lead to tonus;

    after returning home, do a light foot massage. Lying, raise your legs a level above your head;

    Reduce the amount of salt in the diet.

    After determining the root cause of swelling, you canto start treatment of this illness. Of course, if your condition is associated with illness of internal organs or pregnancy, then treatment with drugs should only take place under the supervision of the treating doctor. But with excess weight, fatigue or a busy work schedule, you can quite help yourself. So, my legs are swollen. What should I do first? Will help:

    cold baths with the addition of essential oils or herbs and compresses imposed on the area of ​​swelling;

    gymnastics. Nothing special or complicated. Exercises should be simple, so that when they are done, rest the whole body. For example, a "bike", "scissors" or just raised your legs (you can even just lean them against the wall). These exercises are performed in the supine position;

    recreation. Sometimes it's enough just to lie on the couch, to give your feet a break from the daily routine, putting a cushion or pillow under them.