Edema of the knee joint treatment

How to treat arthrosis of the knee joint

In this article, we will take a closer look at youtwo widespread diseases of the knee joint. The first, is called - gonarthrosis, or in other words arthrosis of the knee joint. This disease is very common in women suffering from excess weight and varicose veins. Usually, the disease spreads directly to both knees, but there are situations when the pain lasts for a long time only in one knee.

Signs of arthrosis of the knee joint

A characteristic symptom of the emergence and developmentgonarthrosis can be considered a small pain when walking, walking on the stairs, and also if a long period of time arrive in a standing position. When there is swelling in the knee area, then the outflow of blood worsens, there are pains in the calf muscles, most often the pain intensifies at night. In the course of the course of the disease, the joint changes, and the painful sensations become stronger. It is difficult for the patient to bend and unbend his leg, because with this process, there is a crunch in the knee and there is a piercing pain. With the third stage of gonarthrosis, it is no longer possible to straighten the leg completely. That is why people with this disease legs are slightly bent when moving.

At a late stage, the disease can be identified by the appearance of the affected area of ​​the knee. Treatment of knee disease it is recommended to start in the early stages, withthe appearance of the first symptoms. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, often causes another knee disease. and both are able to flow in a complex - this greatly complicates the formulation of the correct diagnosis.

Most often, this disease occurs in conjunction with a meniscus disease. Meniscopathy - is one of the possible causes of arthrosis.

Methods of treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

The list of drugs in this group is quiteis extensive. Treatment with them leads to a reduction in inflammation and a significant removal of the tumor around the affected area. These medications do not treat arthrosis itself, but very effectively contribute to reducing pain during the course of the illness. It must be remembered that these preparations are not recommended for a long time, since there may be side effects.

These drugs are struggling with symptoms gonarthrosis and prevent destructive processes in the cartilage. These medications are not recommended for use in advanced stages of knee disease, because of their ineffectiveness, because at this stage of the disease, the cartilage is practically completely destroyed. Chondoprotectors can not remove bone changes and build up a new cartilage tissue. When used at the initial stages of the development of the disease, they act extremely slowly. Some changes in the direction of improvement are visible only after a long course of treatment. The range of treatment is quite large from 6-12 months.

Drugs for vasodilation

Almost always, with stasis there is stagnationblood in the knee area, and this circumstance leads to unbearable pain at night. To prevent this, vasodilators are used. They help reduce spasms of small vessels of the legs and restore normal blood supply to the joint. Especially good effect these drugs have in combination with hondoprotectors, the nutrients of which fall in the patient's joint in sufficient quantity and the process of their absorption into the tissue is more intense.

This method is used as an emergencyhelp, with significant pain. Their use, affects the swelling and swelling of the knee, and significantly reduces it. The frequency of injections with these drugs is very small - once every half a month. The first injection is most effective, and further, the positive effect of their application is reduced. If, after the first injection, the desired result has not been achieved, then it is unlikely to appear after the next. Such injections have side effects, so do not stab more than three times in one joint.

This method of treatment is contraindicated in patients with brightpronounced bone deformation. In addition, it is not possible to make these injections for edema of the joint. However, on this, the shortcomings of this method of treating the disease of the knee joint do not end: a long course of injections and painful performance of the procedure. In conclusion, a few words about another method - injections of hyaluronic acid. This component is a kind of joint lubrication. After getting into the diseased area, it reduces the friction of the surfaces and strengthens the motor functions of the knee. Effective in the early stages (1, 2), the third reduces pain for a while. Treat the course (3-4) injections in the affected joint, once a year.

Treatment with ointments and compresses

With a comprehensive treatment approach, it is possibleuse and local remedies that have a positive effect on blood circulation and eliminate pain. They are used with great care, because they are capable of causing allergies. Carry out the test, applying a small amount on the skin and if an allergic reaction (redness, burning) occurs - you can not use the drug.

This procedure implies: massage, electrophoresis, cold treatment, laser therapy. In this case, the general condition of the tissues and blood supply improve, the inflammation subsides. There are a number of limitations to the conduct of such procedures, including hypertension, cardiac and vascular diseases. presence of infection. Physiotherapy should not be conducted as a method of treating knee joint diseases in severe exacerbations, which are accompanied by swelling of the knee area.

They are carried out in the late stages of arthrosis of the knee joint, while completely or partially changing the joint. Operations of this kind take a long time to recover.

Symptoms of knee arthritis

Another "popular" disease of the knee jointis arthritis. This disease is capable of asserting itself in several ways: by getting from outside, that is, by trauma, and by internal penetration from another organ with blood.

The most common types of arthritis .

1. Specific, which is caused by various diseases (tuberculosis, gonorrhea)

3. Allergic - infectious

4. Aseptic (Bechterew's disease)

Let us consider in more detail the widespreadrheumatoid arthritis of the knee joint. This disease can develop in two forms acute and chronic. A characteristic sign acute, can be accumulation in the joint of a special fluid - exudate, which can be purulent or serous. The patient, with gonite (rheumatoid arthritis), complains of severe pain in the knee and swelling. There are restrictions in the movement.

When accumulating in the knee joint purulentfluid, a strong jump in body temperature occurs, chills and swelling are observed. Purulent lesion of the joint is extremely dangerous, since pus can get into the tissues of the lower leg and thigh, into the blood.

If chasing is chronic, the patientcomplains of pain and swelling in the knee. One of the causes of chronic rheumatoid arthritis is a strong inflammation of the joint with weak immunity and unproductive treatment. The disease can be very long and slow. The end result of all this can be ankylosis of the knee joint. With this disease, the patient is not able to bend and unbend his leg, and pain sensations are absent.

If you find at least one sign of arthritis, you should immediately consult a doctor. You will be given an x-ray of the diseased portion of the knee and will be given the right treatment.

Treatment of arthritis of the knee joint

The treatment of severe rheumatoid arthritisit is recommended to carry out in stationary conditions. A plaster bandage is applied to the affected joint, which limits its mobility, prescribes antibiotics and medications to improve immunity. In some cases, physiotherapy and blood transfusions will be useful. With a purulent drive, there is a possibility of an operation for opening and draining the joint bag.

Summarizing, we can say that treatmentknee disease extremely long process. To it it is necessary to concern attentively and at the first arisen symptoms immediately to address to the doctor.

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