Swelling of the legs after surgery

Follow these basic rules after leg surgery to reduce complications and speed recovery. Give yourself enough time to support your legs and recover.

What you need to recover from surgery on your legs

  • Medical and surgical footwear
  • Surgical adhesive
  • Crutches
  • Thermometers
  • Go-carts
  • Plastic bags
  • Ice packs
  • Plastic bags

Instructions how to organize the recovery of the leg after surgery

  1. Take a walk solely on the instructions of the doctor and always wear medical and surgical shoes, if it is prescribed for the appointment.
  2. Sit with your foot elevated to the chest level. Place the pillow under the heel to relieve pressure on the foot. Move your foot only when absolutely necessary for the first postoperative days.
  3. Take painkillers prescribed by your doctor. "Itself will pass" - not the message that is required for normal recovery after surgery on the leg.
  4. Take a walk during the first few days after the operation on your leg, leaning on the arm of the person who is caring for you, and also using crutches or walkers.
  5. Apply ice to the ankle - for 30 minutes several times a day - for the first two days. Ice reduces swelling of the legs after surgery and bruises, compressing blood vessels.
  6. Keep the dressing clean and dry. This means that if after a leg operation you want to take a shower, you should wrap your foot in a large plastic bag and fasten the pack above the bandage with a surgical tape. If you prefer to swim, then ask someone to help you take a bath by keeping your foot up along the edge bath.
  7. Never attempt to remove the bandage or gypsum before the appointed time.
  8. Call your doctor if the bandage aftersurgery on the leg comes off or becomes wet, and soaked in blood. You should also call, see a doctor if your leg or ankle after the operation turns blue, becomes cold or numb. Be sure to consult a doctor if your temperature after surgery on the leg is 38 degrees or higher, or if you feel pain in the legs after surgery, which is given to the thigh.
  9. Try not to go for a long distanceAfter most types of surgery on the leg. Back and forth in the bathroom - it's fine, but to wander around the hospital or go shopping in the mall - no.

Tips and Warnings after an operation on the leg

  • Crushed ice to remove swelling after surgery works better than ice cubes. The cold is more evenly distributed when the ice is crushed.
  • Walking for a longer distance than allowed by your surgeon can cause complications in your recovery from surgery.
  • Never put ice directly on the skin. Such negligence can lead to its burn. Be sure to put ice in an ice bag or wrap a towel around an ice cube.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, contact your doctor or other health care provider before participating in any activities related to health and diet.

Note: this information of the "Moscow Medicine" portal how to recover from a leg operation is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.