How to remove swelling on your legs from shock

It's good to be young - you walk like you fly and you do not know grief. Then it begins: the first wrinkle, shortness of breath, the joints begin to crunch, then suddenly swelling occurs on the fingers, face and, finally, the legs.

Edema - fluid retention in tissues. They, as a rule, appear as a result of malfunctions of work of an organism, the illnesses which are rare in young people. Sometimes, many do not immediately notice the appearance of edema on the legs, until they obviously begin to interfere or until the legs suddenly stop being in the shoes, or even start to feel unbearably sting or hurt.

If you notice the first symptoms, you need to try to identify the root cause of their appearance. In a healthy body, such failures usually do not occur.

The most common cause may becardiovascular diseases: varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, arthrosis, hypotension, cardiosclerosis. In vascular diseases, edema is usually preceded by pain and redness of the ankles.

In diseases of the heart, lungs, there may also be severe swelling, as the blood supply is disrupted, resulting in increased venous pressure and blood stagnating.

A similar problem can arise because of illnesseskidneys (nephritis, pyelonephritis, MKB), liver (cirrhosis, ascites). In ascites, fluid first accumulates in the abdominal cavity. If the disease is not treated, limbs begin to swell.

Legs can also swell after injury, due todislocation, sprain, or closed fracture. But usually with this there is a hemorrhage, the leg noticeably darkens to blue or even black. It's hard to walk on a sick limb. Therefore, in this case, the patient himself understands the cause of edema and the need for consulting a doctor.

Overloads are also the cause of swelling. If a person's profession is associated with constant work on his legs (like sellers, consultants, hairdressers) or, conversely, with low mobility (sedentary work), then sooner or later the lower extremities begin to ache and swell.

Folk methods for eliminating edema

As you understand, treat swelling without knowing the causetheir appearance is not very promising. The same folk (and traditional) methods are aimed at restoring the work of this or that body, strengthening the vascular system, normalizing water-salt metabolism, and removing excess fluid from the body.

If the cause is only in loads and fatigue, then you will help:

  • Foot baths with infusions of chamomile, sage orhorsetail. Prepare them uncomplicated: you need to take 100 g of flowers or dried leaves, fill them with a liter of boiled water and boil them for another 15 minutes. Then you need to insist for 45 minutes and drain. After that, you need to add it to the tub with hot water (about 3 liters).
  • In the same way, you can shoot edemas with the help of black elderberry.
  • One of the most effective and simple methodsis cold and change of position of the body. That is, coming home immediately rinse your feet with cool water, lie on the bed and put your feet above the head (on the pillow, the back of the sofa, even better on the wall). Forget about 15 minutes in this position. Thus, you can noticeably relieve fatigue and quickly remove swelling on your legs.

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  • It is very useful to wipe the swollen areas with ice. It is better if it is not ordinary ice, but frozen infusion on herbs yarrow, horsetail, sage or chamomile.
  • Very beneficial effect on health rendersfoot massage. It can be done both in the beauty salon and at home by yourself. You can use for this purpose special devices and devices: massagers, brushes. It is useful in this case to rub oils or cooling gels. Cosmetic companies have long developed interesting and effective means, you can ask consultants. Massage can also be carried out directly in the shower with a stiff brush, rubbing the legs to redness. After that, the skin should be moistened with a cream or lubricated with cosmetic oil (sunflower can also be used). Just remember that with thrombophlebitis, these procedures are contraindicated.
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    With vascular diseases it is better not to takeHot, but a little warm baths from infusions of an oak bark or roots of a willow. With pain, you can rub your legs with lemon juice or add citric slices in the bath. It is useful in this case to take mummies with honey and milk 2 r. per day for a month.

    Remove edema with varicose veins can bein a simple way: every morning and evening, pour your feet with cold water, gradually lowering the degree (as when tempering). This procedure helps to strengthen the vessels and facilitate the course of the disease.

    What should not and what is desirable to do with edemas

    Do not wear tight pants. Try not to wear stockings or socks with tight elastic bands. Avoid overexertion, long sitting or standing on your legs. Wear medical tights recommended by your doctor. Regularly undergo a physical examination. Do not self-medicate. Try to pay more attention to your health, do not allow the occurrence of severe chronic diseases.

    And the most useful ... Throw an unloved job, tear up an unpleasant connection, remove from the neck of children and try to enjoy life more. In six months everything will be fine!

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