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A practitioner needs knowledgeclassification of diseases. To this end, the MKB - the international statistical classification of diseases - has been developed. It is intended for purposes that are related to health care. This allows you to track statistics and perform work analysis, monitoring the prevalence of diseases among different age groups of the population. The practicing physician will be able to apply international experience for the purpose of appropriate treatment.

Prostatitis code for MKB

According to the hierarchical construction principle, prostatitishas the code on MKB 10 - N41. Depending on the process, a third subheading is added to the three-digit heading, which consists of a Latin letter and two digits. A digit appears in the encoding. In the classification of diseases, the inflammatory processes of the prostate have code N41. To indicate the form of the disease, add a digit.

The acute form has the code N41.O. Chronic prostatitis - the code for MKB 1O is designated N41.1. Sometimes you can see the abbreviated form "mkb 10 hr prostatitis". Inflammation of the prostate can lead to various purulent complications or other manifestations of stagnant phenomena in the prostate. In this case, the following identification codes are provided:

  1. with abscess of the prostate - N41.2;
  2. at joining of a cystitis - N41.3;
  3. inflammation of the prostate - N41.8;
  4. prostate inflammation of unexplained etiology - N41.9;
  5. stones in the prostate - N42.0;
  6. stasis and hemorrhages in the prostate - N42.1;
  7. prostate atrophy - N42.2;
  8. unspecified prostate diseases - N42.9.

Adenoma of the prostate gland by MKB

Adenoma of the prostate gland is reckoned asbenign neoplasm. Usually, all the oncological processes in the body have a different coding, but the adenoma refers to the hypertrophy of the gland and is included in the group of diseases of the male reproductive system. By international classification, this group includes a three-digit code from N40 to N51. Adenoma of the prostate gland has a code according to MKB 10 - N40. According to the alphanumeric coding under N40, the following diseases fall:

  1. adenofibromatous hypertrophy;
  2. fibroadenoma;
  3. benign enlargement;
  4. benign prostatic hypertrophy;
  5. obstruction of the prostate ducts;
  6. BPH.

Exclude from this classification fibromas and fibroids of the prostate. These diseases have a different coding. Both adenoma and prostatitis in the MKB belong to the XIV class - diseases of the urogenital system.