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"A red star".

Each doctor, probably, secretly dreams to finda cure for all diseases. This medicine was invented in ancient times - a panacea, named after the ancient Greek goddess Panakia, which means "all-healing". On the one hand, all this seems to be the purest water of profanity, and on the other. Who among us did not go in a vicious circle - from the therapist to the surgeon, from the surgeon to the neurologist, from the neurologist again to the therapist. Anxious pain passed over time, but only in order to appear again after a while.

Ville Lukmanovich Sattarov of those doctors who arelife studies the causes, not the consequences of a disease. Both the grandmother and his great-grandmother were well-known healers, engaged in bone-healing, conspiracies. The boy from childhood saw what miracles can be done by skillful hands and what curative powers are possessed by the ordinary sounds of a human voice.

Grandmother died when Vili Lukmanovich was 29 years old.years. It was he who gave her secrets. By that time he graduated from the Kazan Medical Institute and persistently tried to combine the ancient knowledge with the latest medical achievements. It can be said that it was fortunate that at this time Yakov Yuryevich Popelyansky, the founder of science, taught at the Institute, which is still little known even to specialists. It was called vertebroneurology, its purpose is to study the spine as a kind of core of the nervous system.

- The spinal cord is likea multicore telephone cable, "says Ville Lukmanovich. - And each nerve is like a pair of wires, one of which receives information, on the other - a command is given. Each organ of the human body depends on the spine. Any of its curvature, or even more damage, immediately affects your health. You may have a headache, belly, frequent catarrhal diseases or other ailments, and the "backbone" in this will be the spine. No wonder yogis call it "the river of life".

However, this knowledge is available to almost every doctor. The whole question is in the specific reasons for the occurrence of a particular disease, and also in the success of one or another method of treatment. Sattarov after graduating from the Institute was actively engaged in neurology and orthopedics. It was important for him to combine the great-grandmother's methods of healing with an accurate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the practice of treating a large number of people. And he carefully studied all the methods of healing, which differed from the usual ones. He visited Nikolai Andreyevich Kasyan, communicated with Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, other doctors and healers known throughout the country. I tried to understand their methods in detail, to take something for myself. Kasyanu is grateful first of all for the fact that he was one of the first thanks to his authority paved the way for manual therapy in clinics and hospitals. At the same time, he carefully studied the wisdom of acupuncture, sujok therapy, and other schools in the East. Their main difference from European traditions, what Sattarova was most interested in, was that the human body was viewed as a single whole.

- This is now a lot of literature, includingnumber of eastern medicine, - recalls Ville Lukmanovich, - and then the information had to be collected literally bit by bit, attaching it to the fact that vertebroneurology had time to work.

Was and with whom to consult - his pupil GumerGafurovich Sadrutdinov also became an adherent of new ideas. At the time when Sattarov practiced in Nizhnekamsk, he was in charge of the department of preventive examinations in the children's polyclinic of Naberezhnye Chelny. The name of the department at first glance does not say anything, the specialty "vertebroneurology" does not have official circulation, specialists do not prepare such under the staff schedule. Although the "preventive examination" in something of the matter corresponds. Research data suggests that the cause of up to 90 percent of childhood diseases is a trauma to the spine of the newborn.

According to the observations of these doctors, almost halfchildren who had them at the reception had subluxation of the first cervical vertebra - the result of birth trauma. It is inevitable when the obstetrician, making the delivery easier, turns the head of the child. If the spine is damaged, the impulses from the brain reach the bodies distorted and begin a variety of problems - from headaches to diathesis. Parents go to doctors for a long time and fruitlessly. "Preventive examination" also shows: most often the cause of these diseases is damage to the cervical spine.

Sattarov from the very beginning worked a lot with children. Strictly speaking, this is how you can learn the origin of all problems associated with the spine. Yes, and the methods of treatment are completely different - softer and more precise. Unacceptable sharp movements, children are extremely negative perceive pain, so you need a soft technique. Few people generally decide to "rule" the children's spine. Similar problems - with the elderly, when the muscles are already atrophied, and the joints lose their flexibility.

Unique experience and skill of Vily LukmanovichSattarova was very useful in the Central Military Hospital named after Mandryka, where several years ago a wonderful department of psychophysiological rehabilitation was created, headed by Lyra Rafgatovna Gareeva. When his fame crossed the borders of Tataria, he received an invitation to Moscow. Soon Gumer Gafurovich Sadrutdinov came to work with him.

- Did you immediately go to work? I asked.

- First, the head of the hospital, Major-General of Medical Service Vladimir Borisovich Simonenko asked to show that I can. I showed, they took me.

However, before this Sattarov demonstrated suchthings that everyone knew about them, and the results of his work excited not only Russia, but the world. In 1996, when he came from Nizhnekamsk to visit his sister in Moscow, he was awakened late at night by a call from a familiar general. "We urgently need help," he said. Vladislav Tretyak has broken. He was riding a snowmobile, the front ski got under a snow-birch birch, and "Buran" scattered literally into pieces. Our famous goalkeeper survived because he was wearing a protective helmet, softened the overload and elastic suit. But things were bad - their hands and legs refused to obey. Ville Lukmanovich created a miracle - a week later Tretyak flew to Canada, as if nothing had happened to him!

At the new place of work, Sattarov returned to serviceseveral relatively young generals and colonels, who wanted to do complicated operations or simply fire them. In his opinion, everything can be corrected without surgery, even the eyesight. Of course, within certain limits. Therefore, VL Lukmanovich works also in the medical center "Svyatoslav Media Group", dealing with such difficult and interesting problems. A study of the "medical history", he begins, as usual, from the spine.

It happens this way: he gently presses the fingers of both hands on the earlobes at the same time, then slightly higher, even higher. He asks where it hurts. Conducts manipulation with your fingers, checking how and when each of the joints crunches. He studies the gait. He himself says that for the first diagnosis he needs five minutes of strength. And when it becomes clear where to look for the source of the ailments, a more thorough study of this or that part of the spine begins.

Talk about the very process of treatment for a long timeand it's difficult - there are many professional secrets that can not be caught with an inexperienced look. Massage, physiotherapy exercises can be used. But they are necessarily complemented by "proprietary" techniques. For example, Sattarov checks how the skull "sounds", if necessary, corrects it. In general, sound therapy occupies an important place in his technique - the patient diagnoses himself and heals by pronouncing certain letters or words. Used to warm up the active points on the hands with the so-called moxa - a small candle pressed from dried wormwood. But all this is done only after the body is thoroughly studied. Setting it up as a complex musical instrument - does not that require the creative inspiration of the Aesculapius?

In the photo: Ville SATTAROV (left) and Gumer SADRUTDINOV. Photo by Mikhail SIDELNIKOV.