Strong swelling of the legs during pregnancy 38 weeks

Often there are swelling a few weeks before the birth. Especially in 36-40 weeks. It happens that there has never been edema, and then fingers swell during pregnancy and, especially, in the last weeks, although there was no edema in the whole pregnancy. The reason for this is the growing uterus. It has grown to a large size and begins to press on the veins, the blood begins to flow slowly and the fluid in the body lingers.

Fight against swelling during pregnancy.

If you have swelling associated with physiologicaledema, which disappear after the elimination of the provoking factor, as described above, then you can not worry. But if you notice that swelling does not go away by itself, i.e.

  • strongly swollen legs during pregnancy;
  • in the morning you wake up with "swollen" eyelids;
  • during pregnancy, hands swell;

and also, the lower leg, thigh, abdomen, waist, then you need to immediately report this to your gynecologist.

An important symptom and cause for anxiety isalso a rapid increase in weight, or as doctors call it - a "rapid increase" (more than 20 for the entire pregnancy or more than 400 g per week). Weigh yourself regularly.

The level of swelling of your body can easilydetermine at home: press your finger in the shin area, where the bone is covered only by the skin, where there are no muscles (front legs below). If the skin after pressing immediately returns to the place - everything is ok. But, if for some time there remains a dent at that place - this is puffiness.

In the hospital, to determine the swelling do the tests and test. In an outpatient setting, you can do the necessary tests or "McClure Aldrich" to establish puffiness.

So, how to remove swelling during pregnancy

In order to get rid of bored swelling as soon as possible you need to find the cause of their appearance and eliminate it.

What can I do about swelling during pregnancy:

  • the future mother needs to reduce the intake of table salt (also of pickles), since salt retains water in the body;
  • do not overwork;
  • more rest;
  • try not to overheat in the sun;

Very good help cool feet bath. After that, lie on your left side, and place your feet on the pillow or any elevation.

A big mistake to think that you need to drink less. To date, doctors no longer advise pregnant women to reduce the amount of fluid in case of puffiness. A fluid is necessary for the development of the human body. Moreover, a sharp decrease in the amount of liquid will lead to the fact that the body begins to accumulate fluid reserves. Drink at least 1.5 liters per day (including fruits and vegetables that contain juices). Drink clean water without gas, you can add lemon or drink green tea. It is better to refuse coffee.

So can massage your feet and a decoction of dried apricots:

- pour dried apricots with boiling water and leave for the night, and in the morning drink this delicious tincture for 30-40 minutes before eating.

Do not take diuretics without your doctor's consent.

Swelling in pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon andalready a couple of hours after the birth, the newly mummy can experience the pleasure not only of communicating with her baby, but also the previous state of her legs.