Postoperative edema on the legs how to treat

Postoperative edema on the face

Many patients who did rhinoplastyor subjected a person to another surgical procedure, faced such an unpleasant problem as postoperative edema on the face. Postoperative edema is the swelling of the skin area and appears as a reaction to surgical intervention, while facial features look more rounded and large.

Postoperative edema is a normal phenomenon. So doctors say, conducting operations on the face. But when it passes, it's all individually for each patient.

The process will be delayed if a person smokes, has specific health problems, and also takes into account the age of the patient. People with thick skin or excess weight swelling more intensively;

Some precautionary measures may helpmeasure operation. You can get ice to cool his face after the operation or put the mattress on the bed in such a way as to provide a slope to the legs from the head;

Consult a doctor who performed the operation. He can recommend lubricating the area with edema with glycerin for external use. This procedure is carried out almost every hour, and it helps to reduce the unpleasant consequences of the operation;

Admission of vitamin complexes. The opinions of specialists on this issue are different. Some believe that vitamins will help to speed up the recovery process after surgery, this also applies to the removal of edema. And others believe that vitamins are not needed and forbid patients to take them before and after the procedure;

- hormone therapy. This is the only effective tool that helps quickly get rid of edema on the face. Injections of steroids into the reconstructed area are still quite dangerous and can bring unpredictable consequences, therefore such injections are prescribed only in the most exceptional cases.