How to remove leg swelling after childbirth

Some women persist swelling of the legs after childbirth. despite the fact that the labor activity has already passed and the body must return to its normal state.

When such a phenomenon is observed during pregnancy. then no treatment is applied, since puffiness usually passes after the termination of labor.

This is due to the fact that a woman accumulates a fairly large amount of fluid, which is necessary for the normal development of the baby.

Sometimes the swelling of the feet increases, if a woman has to walk for a long time, stand or perform any physical activity.

Puffiness can also persist in the postpartum period. Most often this is due to varicose veins.

In all probability, the disease developed for a long time, but the patient did not attach any importance to this, since the majority of pregnant women have swelling of the extremities.

While you are breastfeeding your baby, do not use any pharmacological drugs or diuretics of traditional medicine without consulting a specialist.

You do not know. how can these or other substances affect his health, and what consequences this can lead to. So it is necessary while to suffer.

Just try to give time off from your feet and make cool baths.

By the way, your swelling after childbirth will be youWorry much less if you lie every day for half an hour, placing a small pillow or a roller under your feet (so that the limbs are slightly above your head).

In addition, you can wear special pulling tights that prevent swelling of the legs.

With all, in two or three months your puffiness will pass.
But if this does not happen. then be sure to take the necessary tests. go through ultrasound and see a urologist and other specialists - you will be helped to choose a treatment that will not harm your baby.

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