Swelling of the fingers and toes causes

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The appearance of edema is a symptom to whichit is necessary to pay attention as soon as it begins to manifest itself. This state is a signal indicating a specific change in the state of health, so it is important to determine the cause immediately.

Causes of swelling of the hands and feet

Causes that cause swelling of the arms and legs may be several:

  • Injury
  • Allergic reaction
  • Presence of infection
  • Obesity
  • Problems with some internal organs: the kidneys, the heart or the thyroid gland
  • Violation of water exchange

Quite often it is the injury that causes swelling. Because of injury, there is accumulation of fluid in the area of ​​impact, resulting in swelling. Prolonged presence of edema may indicate the presence of infection.

When observing an allergic reaction orthe presence of infection edema is likely to have only a local character, that is, will only be on one hand. With allergies accompanied by such swelling there will also be itching, redness and rash.

Obesity leads to edema very often. The reason is that in this state the functioning of the lymphatic system is disrupted.

If there is a failure in the kidneys. for example, because of the presence of infection, swelling of the fingers can occur. First of all, puffiness will be observed in the morning, even if the salty food was not consumed from the evening.

If swelling first appear on the legs, and alreadythen on your hands, you can think about whether everything is in order with the heart. If this is accompanied by symptoms such as high blood pressure, shortness of breath and chest pain, then most likely, cardiac edema appeared.

If, in addition to puffiness, there ispermanent fatigue and drowsiness, as well as dry skin and hair loss. it is likely that you should pay attention to the state of the thyroid gland. In medicine, this condition is called myxedema.

When observing puffiness during the hot season, you can think about whether everything is good with water metabolism. If the fluid is removed from the body badly, then swelling can not be avoided.

So, the reasons causing the swelling of the hands and feet can be quite a lot, and sometimes without the help of a specialist can not do.

During pregnancy often enough, especially onlast terms, there are swelling. As a consequence, it becomes difficult to compress your fingers, and you have to give up wearing rings. But all this does not necessarily represent any danger.

One of the reasons for the formation of puffiness isin that the enlarged uterus presses on the ureters. Naturally, this is a temporary phenomenon. But, if the flow of fingers is still accompanied by excessive weight gain and constant high blood pressure. then it's not a problem to see a doctor.

It is not necessary to think that by depriving yourself of the amount of fluid you use, you can solve the problem. For a pregnant woman, this method can even lead to opposite results.

For example, with a sharp decrease in doseThe water consumed by the body can begin to create a reserve, which means that the puffiness will only increase. However, the daily dosage of liquids in the last trimester can be slightly reduced.

Rest is an important aspect that helps a pregnant womana woman is the best way to endure a toddler. And if there is swelling, you need to pay more attention to it. Do not forget about the day's sleep. Going to bed, you can put a pillow under your feet, so they are slightly elevated.

Another way to help control exchangesubstances, - unloading days. But often they can not be done. And, of course, on such days you need to focus on vitamin products, such as juices and fruits.

If necessary, a course of treatment withmedicines with a diuretic effect, phytotea and various folk remedies are best. Improve blood circulation will help vitamins. strengthening walls of blood vessels.

Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman, to which one should be treated with all seriousness. Therefore, if there is swelling of the fingers, it is not superfluous to consult a specialist.

How to deal with edema?

Preliminary having established the reason of edemas, it is possible to begin and their elimination. As already noted, there can be several reasons.

Fighting swelling caused by:

  • Injuries. First of all, it is necessary to make a cold compress for constriction of blood vessels, then warm - to eliminate excess accumulated fluid.
  • Allergies. The first step is an antihistamine. If the symptoms do not disappear, and besides it becomes difficult to breathe, contact your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Infection. In this case, it's better not to experiment on your own, but consult a specialist.
  • Obesity. Choose for yourself the most correct way to lose weight. If necessary, consult a nutritionist.
  • Problems with internal organs. In the case of edema of the kidneys, grasses with a diuretic effect and proper nutrition will help.
  • With cardiac edema - fasting days,concentrated on products with iron and calcium (apples and cottage cheese). Effective folk medicine - tinctures of calendula. nettle, St. John's wort. The juice of black radish, mixed with honey. Problems with the thyroid gland may require the need for hormonal drugs. In all cases, first you need to see a doctor.
  • Violation of water metabolism. It is necessary to monitor the amount of fluid consumed during the day, if necessary - diuretics.

As you can see, it is quite possible to fight with swelling of the fingers, but in some cases it is not necessary to postpone the trip to the doctor.

To preventive measures that help prevent swelling of the fingers, you can relate, in the first place, proper nutrition.

Useful will be such food:

  • dried fruits
  • baked potatoes
  • kefir
  • tomato juice
  • vegetables and fruits
  • watermelon and melon
  • beans
  • oat groats
  • fresh juices

It is important to reduce salt intake. Therefore, it is better to cook food yourself, because you can control the amount of salt.

But ready-made snacks, sold in the store, often are salted. This also applies to a variety of salt crackers. Another not useful product - carbonated drinks.

Separately, you can pay attention to the exercises for the fingers. For example, bend and unbend them, rub and massage them, working behind the keyboard.

Another good tip is wearing elastic gloves. Do not forget that the important role is played by the temperature of the room in which you are. It should have averages.

Prophylaxis of edema is not difficult, but it avoids many troubles.

More information about swelling of the feet you can learn from the program Live Healthily.

Summing up, we can say that swelling is a symptom that accompanies many diseases. But early treatment will help to cope with the problem effectively and in a short time. Be healthy!