How to relieve swelling in leg varicose

If you know what varicose veins are witha deep anatomical point of view, the causes and mechanism of the occurrence of varicose veins. then it becomes clear that this is an almost incurable disease that can only be stopped surgically. How not sad, but true. First, varicose can disturb a young woman only as an aesthetic, cosmetic defect, but in the future, with age, the process progresses, and there are swelling, pain, heaviness in the legs, in addition, thrombophlebitis and the most dangerous - thromboembolism.

In this article we will talk about the treatment of varicose veins at home, however, the reader should understand that:

Conservative methods of treatment of varicose veins havemeaning only as a supporting therapy before and after surgery, no cream, no ointment, no lotion, can not help change the pressure in the deep veins of the lower extremities.

Wearing compression underwear with varicose veins. of course, has its positive, sufficiently effective effect, but also only as a preventive measure, to stop the progression of varicose veins and the further appearance of dilated veins (see treatment of varicose veins).

Variants of deception and cheating of patients with varicose veins

  • "Personal phlebologist" and "no varicose veins"

I would like to warn our readers thatdid not fall on the websites of scammers with the advertised advertising on the Internet, which offers unique disks with a magic method of getting rid of varicose veins under the names "Personal phlebologist" and "Varicose is not" - this is the real trickery of gullible citizens. On these discs, in addition to exercises with varicose veins, there is no information about the treatment of varicose veins. Indeed, simple exercises help reduce the severity in the legs, relieve swelling, but it can be completely free of charge found on any site about varicose veins.

  • Treatment of varicose veins with leeches

Treatment of varicose veins with leeches is also the mostdoctors consider quackery and cheating. Many patients, not knowing the essence of the disease, confuse varicose veins with thrombophlebitis and believe that with varicose blood should be "diluted", and leeches help in this. If a person has thrombophlebitis, then it is better to use safe drugs that promote blood thinning. And with varicose treatment with leeches may contribute to the development of allergic dermatitis, trophic ulcers, after bites often remain pigmented spots.

  • Medical product "Botfort" or "Varifort"

The company "Healthy" advertises a medical product"Varifort" - is also a swindle of clean water, in advertising this falsehood, the cause-and-effect mechanisms of the occurrence of varicose veins are involved. The phrase "in order to eliminate the cause of varicosity - thrombi, it is necessary to remove the positive charge from blood clots and thereby dissolve them, at the expense of spherical glass balls located inside the boot" - otherwise you can not call delirium. Clots are not the cause of varicose veins, but rather, with prolonged varicose veins, complications may be thrombophlebitis, but thrombi sometimes form without varicose veins. And glass balls and biological electricity in the body have absolutely different physical properties.

Creams, ointments, lotions - it can help relieve pain, swelling, but not reduce the dilated veins

The most effective herbal remedy, helping to relieve fatigue in the legs, reduce swelling - is horse chestnut. Therefore, if you want to choose a cream, ointment fromvaricose veins, choose the remedies that include horse chestnut extract. Here are a few recipes for using this remedy to treat varicose veins at home:

  • Grind as much as possible finely the fruit of the chestnut, thenmelt on a water bath pork inner fat and add a mixture of chestnut, in a ratio of 1/1. This composition can lubricate the dilated veins and varicose veins.
  • Dry flowers of horse chestnut 50 g. Pour 500 ml. vodka, insist 3 weeks, drain. use this infusion follows 2 r / day for 30-40 drops before meals.
  • Shred the fruits of chestnut, add alcohol, fromCalculation of 2 cups of alcohol 2 tablespoons of chestnut, insist 10 days, periodically shaking, strain. Take 20-30 cap. tincture 2-3 r / day before a meal, course of 20 days, then break 10 days and again repeat the course.

These are the recipes our ancestors used,when it was not possible to use plant extracts, which today can be found in many creams. So, for example, horse chestnut in different dosages is in the following creams, which can be purchased either in a store or in a pharmacy.

Cream Auchan Soothing- You can use Aushan foot creamSoothing, which includes lavender and horse chestnut, at a ridiculous price it can be bought in the chain stores Auchan, according to many, it has a clear soothing effect, relieves fatigue, heaviness in the legs, but again, we note - can not cure varicose veins veins, only symptomatically alleviate the condition at the end of the day. The main effect of this cream in anesthetizing and lifting the gravity, which occurs due to the extract of horse chestnut.

Cream-balm Chaga- Foot cream with horse chestnut, sold inpharmacies, inexpensive means, which includes several extracts of various medicinal plants: extracts of saber, green tea, Japanese sophora, hellebore and horse chestnut.

Cream Antivaricose, preventive, relaxing - in the compositionwhich also includes horse chestnut, tavolga and melissa. Cream-gel is made according to the original recipe of Agafia Ermakova, a famous Siberian herbalist. Has a relaxing, small analgesic effect, thanks to the collection of medicinal herbs. This cream removes the swelling of the feet in the evening, strengthens the walls of the vessels, is used as a preventive agent for varicose veins.

Venitan - A drug that contains escinis a glycoside obtained from the seeds of the same horse chestnut. It has a very beneficial effect on venous vessels. It is used for pain, heaviness in the legs, with varicose veins, and also for preventive purposes.

Exercises for legs with varicose veins

If a person has hereditarylocation to varicose veins, then any heavy physical activity, especially weight lifting or serious sports - power sports, cycling, speed skating, running sports - are considered undesirable, since the likelihood of developing varicose and its complications in adulthood is high.

Doing fitness with varicose veinsit is better in a special compression underwear, which is produced today in the form of very beautiful stockings and tights. Doctors-phlebologists strongly recommend persons with a disposition to varicose veins or already existing disease to treat varicose veins with the regular performance of therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics, which is easy to conduct at home.

The proposed set of exercises for varicose veins waswas developed by leading foreign and Russian specialists, especially for patients with varicose veins, with daily simple exercises - the symptoms of venous insufficiency in the legs decrease, the risk of complications decreases and the progression of the disease slows down.

1 Exercise - Unloading of leg veins. You should breathe evenly and deeply with your eyes closed, relaxing, for this you should put cushions or a special roller under your feet, so that your legs are 20 degrees above your body.

2 Exercise - it is performed smoothly, slowly. You should lay your legs in, take a deep breath, and on exhalation bend one leg, pull your knee to your chest. With the next inspiration, straighten your leg up vertically and gently lower it. The same exercise should be done with the other leg.

3 Exercise for varicose veins. This movement is familiar to everyone, it should also be done lying down, imagining that you are riding a bicycle, kicking pedals with your feet.

4 Exercise - Alternately unbend and bend the foot back-forward, only in the ankle joint.

5 Exercise Unbend and fold the toes alternately.

6 Exercise - Lift your legs up, lying on your back, place your arms along the trunk. Twist both feet at the same time, then out.

7 Exercise - Do not tear the socks off the floor, walking on the spot.

8 Exercise - Feet together, hands along the body, on deep breath, slowly get up on your toes, on exhalation - return to the starting position.

9 Exercise - Lying, bend your legs, do nottearing off the feet from the floor. At the same time put your hands on your hips. When inhaling, raise the head and body, while the hands slide to the knees. With exhalation, return to the starting position.

10 Exercise is an exercise scissors in an upright position, this is done lying down, hands along the trunk, it is necessary to cross alternately legs, evenly breathing.

11 Exercise for varicose veins - Bend your legs in your lap, lying on your back, while not taking your feet off the floor. With a slow exhalation, draw in the stomach and vice versa, with a slow inspiration - inflate the stomach.

12 Exercise - Position your legs at an angle of 20degrees and lying on his back, clamp a small pillow between the feet. Bend in the lower back slowly inhaling, while tearing the buttocks off the bed. On exhalation, return to the starting position.

13 Exercise - Stand, feet together, hands along the body, inhale, take your shoulders back, on exhalation - relax your shoulders, lower your head forward.

14 Exercise - Lying, feet at a 20 degree angle. Bend one leg, pull the knee to the chest, wrap your arms around the foot. Then slowly straighten your leg up, while your hands slide along the calf to the knee and tightly clasp your leg. Lower your leg, while your hands slide over your thigh. The same exercise for the other leg.

15 Exercise - After a set of exercises, you should take a contrast shower on your feet. A stream of cool water alternates with warm water for 5-10 minutes.

The article is useful, topical. But somewhat pessimistic. It turns out that if there is a predisposition to varicose veins or there are stars and wreaths have come out, this will inevitably lead to surgery. Prophylaxis or not - the outcome is one. In my opinion, this is also one of the myths. At the initial stage of great importance are daily exercise, swimming, gymnastics, exclusion from the diet of harmful products, trays, contrast showers, compression underwear, decoctions and herbal tinctures, in particular, on the basis of chestnut, hazelnut, needle, etc. natural ointments, prepared at home. In general, active prevention, and throughout life. You can recover or minimize pathological changes.

I agree, but the fact of the matter is that very few peopledraws attention to the emerging "stars" and wreaths, until they make themselves felt pain or other discomfort. And no one, I'm sure, no one is involved in prevention at a young age, baths and decoctions, natural ointments, gymnastics, etc. Those who love themselves very much and can afford to devote so much time to caring for their bodies - yes, they can suspend the process. In the turmoil of the modern life of the urban philistine - it is almost not realistic, sad as it may seem ...

I have varicose veins only on oneright leg is already a long time since heredity and hard work that I want to probyvat to treat myself because it still does not hurt much and now I'm afraid the sense at least will be?

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