Edema after laser lubrication of lifting

The procedure of ultrasound SMAS-lifting in our clinic is performed on the apparatus of Altera (Ulthera, USA).

The device generates ultrasonic energy,which penetrates the skin and causes point heating of tissues at different depths. There is a start of natural regenerative processes, in particular, the synthesis of new collagen.

Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting Altera on the deviceAltera is the only non-invasive procedure that has a patented DeepSEE ™ technology that provides visualization of the dermis and musculoskeletal layers, which ensures exceptional accuracy and safety of the procedure. All coagulation points have the same size and equal distance between themselves, the system controls the depth of the ultrasonic pulse.

In the procedure of SMAS-lifting, the effectoccurs simultaneously in the surface and deep layers, at the level of SMAS (superficial muscular-aponeurotic system of the face) - the same level that plastic surgeons reach.

Primary effect (up to 30%) is visible right aftereffects, the further effect is cumulative, develops within 3 months and lasts up to 24 months (depending on individual characteristics).

SMAS-lifting allows to tighten and strengthen the skin at the level of all layers without surgical intervention and long recovery.

Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting Altera can notconsidered a substitute for surgical intervention, but this procedure is a worthy alternative for people who are not ready for surgery, as well as those who have already performed a surgical lift and want to improve the results of lifting and skin structure through the synthesis of new collagen.

The procedure of SMAS-lifting is most suitable for people with mild or moderate degree of age changes in the skin of the face and neck.

Immediately after the SMAS-lifting procedure, the patient can return to his usual cases.

After the procedure of ultrasound SMAS-lifting can be observed:

  • Moderate reddening of the skin, which usually occurs after a few hours;
  • Some patients have a smalltransient swelling of the tissues, which is resolved within 72 hours. There may be a tingling sensation or pain when touching - these phenomena can persist for 2 days to 2 weeks.
  • Sometimes there is bruising or numbness in the skin.

Cost of ultrasound SMAS-lifting procedureenvy of the area of ​​application (face, neck, neckline, etc.). Approximate prices of our clinic are listed in the price list below. The exact cost of the SMAS-lifting procedure will be determined by the cosmetologist at the primary reception.

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